Scientists speculate that there is another planet in the solar system, which may be much larger than the earth

The solar system is the home of the earth, it has eight planets, and in the past for a long time, the solar system has nine planets. Later, scientists found that Pluto is only a few dwarf planets, and kicked it out of the solar system, so now there are only eight planets in the solar system. For a long time, many people have been unable to adapt to the change of the solar system from nine planets to eight planets. Now people are used to it, and even many people have forgotten that the solar system used to have nine planets.

Human space science and technology are also constantly improving. The eight planets in the solar system have been preliminarily explored by human beings. When scientists observe and analyze the celestial bodies in the solar system, especially the celestial bodies at the edge of the solar system, they find a very strange phenomenon, that is, the trajectories of many celestial bodies are abnormal, which are different from the trajectories derived from physical formulas.

It may be estimated that many people will say, is this an incorrect formula? Of course not, because the data calculated by these physical gravitation formulas for other planets are exactly the same as the actual orbit, which means that the formula is not a problem. Why is the sky on the edge of the solar system so strange? Some scientists have put forward a possibility: there is a planet in the marginal zone of the solar system, and the size and mass of the planet are very large, otherwise it is impossible to have a strong gravity to change the orbit of other celestial bodies.

It is the possible existence of another planet on the edge of the solar system that makes the orbit of celestial bodies on the edge of the solar system look very strange, so what will this planet look like? If it does exist, maybe the solar system planetary family will join another one and return to the solar system’s nine planets again.

The situation of the edge of the solar system is still a blind area for human beings, mainly because it is too far away from the earth, and the speed of human spacecraft is still very slow, so it is not easy to reach the edge of the solar system for exploration. There is a Kuiper belt on the edge of the solar system, which contains countless celestial bodies, and the new planet suspected by scientists may be hidden in it.

According to the fact that many celestial bodies in the marginal zone of the solar system do not conform to the laws of physics, scientists speculate that there may be a new planet here, which is probably correct. But it’s not easy to find this new planet. We don’t know the specific location and coordinates of this planet. It’s no doubt to look for a needle in a haystack by using astronomical telescopes. A lot of time, we need to rely on luck.

What kind of planet will this planet be? It is at the edge of the solar system, and its surface temperature must be very low. Is it a gas giant planet with dust and gas like Jupiter, or a super earth like planet like the earth? Both of them are possible. If it’s a terrestrial planet, will there be water on it? Of course, liquid water can’t exist on the surface, but it can still exist under the thick ice. Scientists have found that many planets in the solar system may have a lot of underground liquid water.

Although we don’t know what the real situation of this planet is, scientists can still infer some from the orbit of some strange celestial bodies. For example, the mass of this planet is larger than that of the earth, its distance may be at least 10 times that of Neptune from the sun, its orbit around the sun is very long, and it may take tens of thousands of years to go around. Some people speculate that it may be a super earth, and there may be life.

At present, scientists are still in the stage of guessing whether this planet exists. However, many astronomers have started to aim their telescopes at the Kuiper belt to try their luck to see if they can find some clues and find its figure. If someone discovers the existence of this planet, this person will surely be put into the Annals of manned history. It is a very important thing to think about it A glorious thing.

However, it is much more difficult to find it than looking for a needle in a haystack. Without advanced observation equipment, it is impossible. Of course, the best way to find this planet is to send a spaceship to the interior of Kuiper to look for it. Such close observation, if it really exists, is really very large, and it is not difficult to find it. At present, New Horizons spacecraft has arrived at the Kuiper belt and sent back a lot of information about the Kuiper belt to the earth. However, it is now on the edge of the earth and has not yet penetrated into the Kuiper belt. Whether it can discover the existence of planets still depends on the future situation.

It’s not so easy to explore the edge of the solar system with the current human science and technology, but with the progress of science and technology, there will be more advanced and faster aircraft in the future. At that time, it will only take a very short time, maybe only a few months, for the spacecraft to reach the Kuiper belt. As long as the spacecraft has the advantage of speed, it can continuously explore the Kuiper belt, and even go deep into the interior. At that time, it will be easy to understand whether the giant planet exists. Xiaobian still hopes that it really exists, so that the solar system will become nine planets.

Guys, do you think this new planet is possible? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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