Scientists speculate that there will be six disasters that may destroy human beings in the future. Do you know all of them?

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The earth is a beautiful planet of life. Early simple life was born 3.8 billion years ago. After billions of evolution and evolution, human beings were finally born millions of years ago. After the birth of mankind, through various kinds of difficult development, there is now a brilliant scientific and technological civilization.

Life on earth before the birth of human beings is very difficult to survive. It has experienced five mass extinctions, and human beings were born after the fifth mass extinction. Although human beings have not experienced any devastating disasters after their birth, all kinds of disasters, large and small, still accompany us.

Through a lot of exploration and research, scientists speculate that there will be seven catastrophes that may destroy human beings in the future. Each of them has the possibility of becoming a reality. Do you know which catastrophes are? Let’s learn about it with Xiaobian.

1、 The increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere brings out of control disaster of greenhouse effect. I believe many friends know that since mankind started the industrial age hundreds of years ago, air pollution has followed. One of the most important pollution is the large amount of carbon dioxide emissions brought about by industrialization.

Carbon dioxide is a kind of greenhouse gas, it can form a greenhouse effect in the earth’s atmosphere, so that the earth has a warm environment. Appropriate carbon dioxide content is very beneficial to the survival of life on earth. But if the carbon dioxide content is too high, the greenhouse effect will intensify, and the temperature of the earth will rise significantly.

The intensity of the greenhouse effect has a critical point. Once the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide continues to rise, the greenhouse effect will be out of control after breaking through the critical point. At that time, the earth’s ecology will deteriorate rapidly, and the global temperature will rise rapidly. The ultra-high temperature will first melt the global iceberg, and the sea level will rise sharply, drowning the land. If the greenhouse effect continues to intensify, the surface will be destroyed The liquid water will be evaporated to the atmosphere, acidified, and then acid rain will fall. This reminds us of Venus, the sister planet of the earth. If the earth’s greenhouse effect continues to deteriorate, it is difficult to guarantee that the earth will become the second Venus. At that time, except for the very few life under the ground, life on the surface will be extinct, including human beings.

2、 The outbreak of nuclear war in the world, mankind is a very warlike civilization, since the birth of mankind, the war has never stopped, in modern history, mankind broke out two world wars. Even now in the age of peace, there will still be small wars in some places.

The war of the past, no matter how fierce the fight between human beings, will not cause the risk of extinction. However, since the emergence of nuclear weapons, a destructive weapon, the situation has been completely different. If there is another world war in the future, everyone will refrain from using nuclear weapons in junior high school. However, in the later stage, when it comes to the life and death of a country, few people will consider the issue of human survival and continuity, and they will use nuclear weapons at that time.

Once one side uses nuclear weapons, other countries will not be willing to perish, and will launch nuclear weapons one after another, so nuclear war breaks out. The strong global radiation after the nuclear war is enough to make mankind extinct several times. At the same time, it may lead to the sixth mass extinction of the earth.

3、 Super volcano eruption, if you want to ask which of the many earth disasters is the most terrible, some people may say it is flood, others may say it is earthquake. But in fact, these disasters are not as terrible as volcanoes. The reason why many people don’t think that volcanoes are the most terrible is that the eruption of volcanoes can be observed in advance. When it erupts, the surrounding residents have already moved away, causing no loss.

The real horror of volcanoes is that they produce a lot of smoke, which is not only toxic, but also can block the sky and sunlight. In the five mass extinctions in the earth’s life history, volcanoes participated in almost every one. A general volcanic eruption can’t have a huge global impact, but what about a super volcanic eruption?

Scientists have found that the sleeping super volcano in Yellowstone Park in the United States is in danger of erupting. Once the eruptions of this super volcano enter the air, they will block the sunlight of the northern hemisphere, which will make the earth freeze for several years. At the same time, the fire caused by high-temperature volcanic ash in large forests will reduce the oxygen content of the earth at the same time. At this time, human beings not only have to face ice It’s not only a disaster in the freezing season, but also a risk of serious food shortages.

Why did the earth’s dominant dinosaurs die out 65 million years ago? The reason is that after the asteroid hit the ground, the huge impact wave triggered the eruption of super volcanoes, which led to the collapse of the earth’s ecological chain and the extinction of more than 80% of the creatures. Thus, the impact of a super volcano eruption is extinct, and human beings may not be able to survive in such a big disaster. You know, although human beings have intelligent brain, but the body’s resistance is relatively weak in nature.

4、 The destruction caused by asteroid impact, if you want to ask which of the disasters in the universe is the greatest threat to human beings, I believe many people will answer that asteroid impact. Yes, the probability of asteroid impact is very small, but once it happens, it is absolutely devastating. At present, the earth has ten large craters. These ten huge craters are all ten times of huge asteroid impacts that the earth has experienced since its birth, each of which has brought great disaster to the earth. The five mass extinctions on the earth may all be related to asteroid impact.

5、 Super solar storm, many people may think that solar storm is only destructive to electronic products, and will not threaten the life of the earth and the existence of human beings. In fact, this is not the case at all. If it is a general solar storm, it will have little impact on human survival. For example, at the end of the Ming Dynasty, a strong solar storm occurred, lasting for nine days.

At that time, people only saw the sky dyed red, and this red lasted for nine days, others did not feel any impact or damage. The main reason for this was that there were no technological products at that time. But what if the super solar storm happened in the age of technology? The destructive power caused by that is very terrible. We should know that the earth and the environment around human beings are basically inseparable from all kinds of electronic products.

Ordinary solar storms can damage electronic products at most, but if it is a super solar storm, the destructive power of electronic products will be amplified, for example, a large number of things related to electricity will explode and burn, causing global fires. At the same time, the super solar storm will also lead to the extreme climate of supercooling and overheating, which will also lead to dramatic changes in the earth’s ecology, leading to large-scale extinction events.

6、 The end of supernova explosion, the so-called supernova explosion refers to an explosion of an old star when it dies. This kind of explosion has great power. The intense rays produced by the explosion are known as life terminators, which can quickly destroy the DNA structure of life and exterminate life. And if the supernova explosion is more powerful, it is a gamma ray burst, which is a kind of super strong radiation that can radiate thousands of light years away. Life within this range will be destroyed by gamma ray bursts.

Biologists believe that the Ordovician extinction of the earth 450 million years ago may have been caused by a supernova explosion near the solar system. At present, scientists have observed that 8000 light-years away from the earth, a star is about to explode, which may produce a powerful gamma ray burst. Although 8000 light-years away from the earth, but still can not guarantee the safety of life on earth.

These are the six devastating disasters that mankind may face in the future. They may or may not happen. No matter whether it can happen or not, if human beings want to escape these disasters, they can only rely on technology. As long as human technology is strong enough to become a powerful interstellar civilization, then the disaster of the earth will not threaten us.

If the earth can’t survive, we can leave the earth, leave the solar system. At the same time, the space disaster can not threaten us. Even the most powerful gamma ray storm in the universe, as long as our spaceship is fast enough, we have to escape from its radiation range.

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