Scientists spend their whole lives and can’t create Klein bottles. What’s the limit?

Scientists spend their whole lives and can’t create Klein bottles. What’s the limit?

Human beings are living in three-dimensional space for a long time. They have a certain ability to distinguish things they see. Dimension is a very magical thing. No one has a clear cognition and intuitive concept of it. Things seen in different dimensional spaces are also different. In history, many scientists have explored dimensions, but they have failed. There was a strange conjecture that many scientists wanted to try, but it didn’t succeed in the end. It was Klein bottle.

Why can’t Klein bottles be made?

It’s not an ordinary bottle. It’s very stereoscopic. What kind of substance is Klein’s bottle? Every creature has its own way of looking at things. Take ants for example. Ants live in two-dimensional space for a long time. They see that human beings living in three-dimensional space are not the human beings we really see, but a giant. They have no clear perception ability. The pictures they see are overlapped planes, which are combined with each other. Scientists spend their whole lives and can’t create Klein bottles. What’s the limit?

If we look at ants in three-dimensional space, we will think that they are smaller and more three-dimensional. In other words, human beings are in three-dimensional space. If we want to see four-dimensional space, it may overlap. For example, if we draw a three-dimensional figure on a piece of paper, we can see from our naked eyes that they are intersecting lines, but in fact they do not intersect. In other words, if things in four-dimensional space appear in front of human beings, we will also have this illusion.

Klein bottle was put forward by Felix Klein of Germany. At that time, he thought Klein bottle was the product of four-dimensional space. It had no oriented closed surface, and its inside and outside were connected with each other. No matter what it went in, it was always on the surface of the bottle and could not pass through. In human eyes, the neck of Klein bottle seems to be connected with the bottle neck. If placed in a four-dimensional space, the Klein bottle is another scene. Instead, it goes around the bottle body to the bottom of the bottle mouth. Things seen from different dimensions are quite different.

Different dimensional spaces see different things

In the three-dimensional space, it seems impossible to realize the phenomenon in the four-dimensional space. It’s a pity that scientists spent all their lives not building Klein bottles. Although there are many people selling Klein bottles on the market, most of them are misunderstandings about Klein bottles. With human’s ability, we can’t create this kind of material, unless human can now uncover the origin of the four-dimensional space The puzzle, or the Klein bottle would never have been made.

Human beings have always been the product of three-dimensional space. They know nothing about all the things in four-dimensional space. What’s more, they can’t see clearly what the four-dimensional space is like. Maybe four-dimensional space can see human beings in three-dimensional space, but human beings still have no way to solve them. With today’s scientific and technological forces, it’s still an unknown number to solve this big problem. The times are advancing, and science and technology are developing rapidly Scientists have always believed that one day they will be able to make Klein bottles and study the four-dimensional space thoroughly. What do you think of Klein bottle? You can leave a message for interaction.

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