Scientists suggest six ways to improve memory. How many can you do?

The earth is a living planet. In decades of evolution and evolution, countless biological species have been born, but only human beings can finally evolve into intelligent life. So what do humans rely on to become the ruler of the earth and stand at the top of the food chain? Compared with many other animals, human beings do not have strong physique, but they have a smart brain.

It is relying on the intelligent brain that human beings walk ahead of other creatures and become the intelligent life of the earth. Moreover, through wisdom, human beings are constantly creating miracles. When they enter into the development of science and technology, they go out of the earth to explore the universe. Therefore, if human beings want to never be eliminated and become a powerful civilization in the universe, they must constantly strengthen their brains.

Referring to the excellence of a person’s brain, an important standard is memory. When a person has a very good memory and studies hard, his achievements will not be too low. If he has a good memory, he can input more knowledge into the brain in the same limited time. Only when he has rich knowledge in the brain, can he rely on these knowledge to invent and create.

Some great scientists in modern history, such as Newton and Einstein, have better brain memory than ordinary people. We have also seen some children with very strong memory, known as magic power. As long as they can keep on working hard, their future achievements will not be bad. It is not impossible to have another scientist like Einstein.

It can be seen that the strength of memory is very important for a person’s growth and learning. Except for a few people who are born with strong memory, most people’s memory is relatively general. Is there any scientific method to improve a person’s memory? Of course, there are. Through research and exploration, scientists have summed up six ways to improve memory. Let’s take a look.

1、 Pay attention. I believe many people will forget things. For example, what they remember just now will be remembered later. When this happens, the main reason is that you don’t remember things seriously and attentively. So we should form a habit of focusing on one thing at ordinary times.

When you focus on remembering something, you will find that your forgetfulness will be improved a lot. In fact, it is equivalent to making an impressive note in your mind, which will deepen the brand of something in your mind. In this way, it is not easy to forget things and indirectly improve your memory.

2、 Practice makes perfect. Every one of us has come from childhood. I believe you still remember that when we were young, we recited texts and formulas repeatedly every day. When we recited what we learned repeatedly, we would find that we were very impressed. Some of us could never forget it all our lives. The reason for this is that we had a good memory when we were young Another important reason is that practice makes perfect.

When Xiaobian was in primary school, he would never write a composition. He didn’t know what to write and had nothing in his mind. Later, the Chinese teacher told me a very stupid way, that is to recite the composition, to recite at least 100 excellent compositions of primary and secondary school students. This is what Xiaobian did. In a few years, Xiaobian recited his compositions as soon as he had time. He almost recited thousands of them, including all kinds of subjects.

When Xiaobian recited 100 excellent compositions, he found that he had a lot more knowledge in his mind. Later, every time he met the teacher and asked him to write a composition, he didn’t worry about writing any more. And the primary school recitation composition foundation, also for me later middle school, high school composition laid a solid foundation, and this habit of reciting excellent composition, later continued to high school. When others are worried about writing a composition, I don’t have to worry at all. As long as it’s not a special subject, I can think of what I want to write very quickly. Among them, practice makes perfect. It’s very suitable for friends with ordinary memory.

3、 Develop a good habit of writing and keeping a diary. Great scientists in the world have the habit of taking notes. They basically record their research experience and feelings in a diary every day. This is also a very good way to improve their memory. Keeping a diary is actually a way to improve memory by consolidating the storage of facts and events for a long time.

If you want to deepen the memory of a thing, you often need to review daily events or important details in life in various ways. If you want to deepen these impressions, you need to keep learning and memorizing. Keeping a diary seems to be very common, but it is a very good way to improve memory. However, with the growth of age, the habit of writing diary in childhood is also slowly fading. After adulthood, very few people can still keep a diary.

4、 Keep enough sleep, with the rise of the Internet age, now people’s life is more and more rich, especially now mobile phone function is more and more rich, many people stay up late every night to play mobile phone. In the past, most people could go to bed before 10 p.m., but now few people can go to bed before 12 p.m., and many people go to bed after 12 p.m.

The physical process of brain memory storage depends on sleep, so don’t be stingy with sleep. According to a 2016 study, when subjects don’t sleep, their electrical activity in the brain remains at a high level and basically becomes more and more noisy. The researchers suspect that this enhanced activity does not allow the consolidation and formation of permanent memory. A good night’s sleep is very important for improving memory. A large number of experiments show that a lot of memory storage occurs when we sleep. Therefore, we should not stay up late every night and learn to have more rest.

5、 The classic saying “life lies in exercise” tells the true meaning of health, and memory also lies in exercise. The brain is the most important organ of the human body, so it needs the most energy. The source of brain energy is the body. Only a strong and healthy body can have enough energy to supply the brain, and the brain can give full play to its function.

Anything that allows your muscles to move and your heart to work has a positive effect on overall brain power, scientists say, and there is evidence that it may specifically promote the chemical processes of brain learning. Regular aerobic exercise can actually increase the size of the hippocampus and improve your overall memory. Therefore, we should take more exercise.

6、 There is a healthy mental state. Now people’s material life is getting better and better. No matter how much money they make, at least they don’t have to worry about food. It’s not like people used to work hungry. However, with the material life getting better and better, there are problems in the spiritual life of many modern people. Through some research and investigation, modern people suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental problems are more and more serious.

The reason why modern people have more and more mental problems is that people are facing more and more pressure in the rapid development of modern society, and the unhealthy mental life will also have a great impact on a person’s memory. Therefore, we usually learn to protect our mental health. Only have a healthy mental state, will have a good memory, otherwise your memory may appear constantly decline. To protect a healthy mental state, the most important thing is to learn self decompression, to learn contentment, happy life.

The above six methods are only part of the methods summarized by scientists to improve memory. These methods are all regulated by our daily life. With the rapid development of human science and technology, the research on the brain will be more and more in-depth in the future. Once we can master the code information of the brain, it is also the end to enhance memory through genetic technology in the future It’s all possible.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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