Scientists took the initiative to contact the alien civilization, ignored Hawking’s warning, and successfully sent the signal

Hawking, a famous physicist and astronomer, once warned human beings not to contact with aliens at will, because once exposed, aliens with unknown good and evil may attack the earth, and then human beings will fall into unimaginable disaster.

In addition, Hawking predicted that human beings must escape from the earth within 200 years. As for Hawking’s various predictions after his death, if this is what an ordinary person said, then many people may think that this is a science fiction film. They have seen more and been affected, but Hawking’s predictions have indeed attracted people’s attention.

Before that, there have been countless hypotheses that aliens will be hostile to us: greedy for our resources, belligerent nature, want to rule the galaxy, different situations of civilization.

There is an important motive rarely mentioned: the main purpose of alien attacks is to exclude competitors, which is rooted in Darwin’s theory of evolution. They destroy each other’s power and have their own intention to attack each other preemptively.

However, many scientists are opposed to this. Despite Hawking’s obstruction, they are determined to get in touch with aliens. Among the scientists who have participated in the “active exploration of alien intelligent life” project, such an astronomical group has started to take action.

The nonprofit astronomy organization called METI international sent a message to the gj273 planetary system through a radio transmitter in Norway, hoping to get in touch with aliens. The message we received this time is that the constellation Canis, also known as Rutan, is located near red dwarf gj273.

Rutan is 12.36 light-years away from the earth, and its apparent magnitude is 9.9. Although it cannot be seen with the naked eye, scientists have found it with telescopes. It is worth mentioning that there are two planets around Rutan, and one of them is super earth, which is located in a habitable zone. Scientists believe that there must be life around Rutan.

SMS uses binary code, content contains scientific and mathematical knowledge, including from one to five, as well as addition and multiplication, simple trigonometric function and electromagnetic wave description. In addition, the scientists also added 33 short movements for aliens to enjoy.

And text messages will arrive on daruthan in 12 years. If there is life on earth, scientists expect humans to get a reply in 2042.

Even so, we don’t know if there is a battle of life and death elsewhere in the galaxy. The universe is too big and destructive. No matter how strong the explosion or radiation signals produced by super weapons are, they can only be regarded as a kind of insignificant cosmic background noise in the face of the vast universe.

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