Scientists use experiments to prove that plants are conscious, but human beings can’t see it with naked eyes!

Scientists use experiments to prove that plants are conscious, but human beings can’t see it with naked eyes!

All living things on the earth restrict and grow up with each other. In other words, all things are connected. While exploring the unknown, human beings never forget to explore themselves. The origin of human beings has always been an eternal problem. Before the appearance of Darwin’s theory of evolution, human beings stubbornly believed that everyone was created by Nu Wa, which led to the legend that Nu Wa created human beings. The secrets of human beings are no less than those of the universe.

When quantum theory is not perfect, people simply think that it is a profound explanation, and it is difficult to connect it with science. With the gradual improvement of quantum theory, many super abnormal phenomena break human cognition, and human beings finally start a long road of exploration. At first, scientists thought that quantum entanglement can only occur between homologous particles. With further research, it was found that non homologous particles can also occur quantum entanglement. It’s hard for many people to wonder what would happen if two different particles were linked together? Scientists use experiments to prove that plants are conscious, but human beings can’t see it with naked eyes!

Many scientists have done countless experiments, among which the most impressive one is the Baxter effect experiment. At that time, he invented an unusual detector, which is said to be able to detect the emotions of plants. He connected the detector with the plants and took out the fire source to approach the plants. In the process of approaching, the value of the machine had an obvious upward trend, which means that the plants were in a state of panic If the fire is evacuated, it will return to normal.

This experiment has broken the human perception that plants are unconscious and emotionless. In fact, in this experiment, we found that plants also have basic emotions and consciousness. In order to make the authenticity of the experiment more reliable, he also successively tested 25 kinds of plants, and found that when they were in danger, they would have obvious emotional reactions.

In addition to him, there is another biologist, Monica, who also made this experiment. He used a mimosa to throw it down from a high place. At first, the leaves would close, but after several times, the leaves would not respond. So he guessed that the throwing did not close it. The main reason is that the Mimosa thought that this behavior would not affect it Life is in any danger, so relax the state of self-protection, it will not close. Whether people or plants, when faced with danger, will produce a certain stress response. These experiments are all telling us that everything in the universe is conscious.

The universe is a mysterious world. Every life has its own value. Human beings and computers are very similar. The only difference is that computers need electricity to run and people need brains to run. The experiments made by these scientists have completely subverted human cognition of things. Many seemingly unconscious plants, in the face of danger, will also make the corresponding overreaction, but human beings can not see it with the naked eye. What do you think of these experiments? You can leave a message for interaction.

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