Scientists want to create the tears of Rupert without tail, but found that it can not be achieved on earth!

Glass to stop bullets? Under the pressure of 10 tons, is Rupert’s tears really that strong?

If you want to ask what is the hardest material in the world, you can’t help but think of the hardest material graphene. The hardest thing in nature is diamond. Diamond is one of them. Some people say that the hardest thing in the world is a small piece of glass, which can even block bullets and bear more than 10 tons of pressure. So what is this material? Is a small piece of glass really so powerful?

Rupert’s tears

This material is Rupert’s tears in the rumor. Listening to the name, I feel that there is a very romantic love story behind it. In fact, Rupert’s tears have nothing to do with love, but a very simple glass product. In the rumor, it has a very high hardness, one end is wide and the other is narrow. If you hit it hard with a brick towards the wide end, Rupert will die Special tears will not have any damage, but the brick will split from the middle. This small thing is like a teardrop, which can’t be broken by a bullet. Is Rupert’s tears as powerful as the one in the rumor? How was it made?

Searching for Rupert’s tears on relevant websites, it’s not difficult to find that the method of making it is too simple. Just melt the glass and drop it into the water quickly. When it cools rapidly, it will form a shape with a small tail and a big head, which looks very like dripping tears. The person found is Prince Rupert of England, so it’s named Rupert’s tears.

Is Rupert’s tears really so hard

It does have a very strong hardness, but it is said that it can stop the bullet from bearing 8 tons of pressure. This is just a rumor. It exaggerates the hardness of Rupert’s tears. If you use a hammer to strike violently, it will not cause Rupert’s tears to break, but the bullet and 8 tons of pressure can crush Rupert’s tears instantly.

In fact, it’s very simple to destroy it. Just tap the tail of Rupert and others to crush it instantly. The reason why it has such a strong hardness is that during the process of glass dripping, the pressure on the head can reach 700 MPa, which is more than 7000 times of the atmospheric pressure that human beings are exposed to. After the appearance of Rupert’s tears, such a high hardness material immediately attracted the attention of scientists. Since its tail is the most vulnerable place, does this mean that as long as Rupert’s tears have no tail, it can produce a material with high strength and hardness? Theoretically, it’s very impressive, but it’s wishful thinking to create a tailless Rupert’s tear.

Just put a spherical glass that will not show the shape of water drops in the water and let it cool quickly to form Rupert’s tears without tail. However, this process can’t be realized on earth, because there is gravity on earth. In the state of gravity, any liquid will show the shape of water drops in the process of dropping down. Can it be realized in space In order to achieve? In the absence of gravity in space, it is difficult for a glass droplet to merge with the surrounding objects, including water resources. What do you think of Rupert’s tears? Do you think we can make Rupert’s tears without a tail?

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