Scientists warn: an important resource is facing exhaustion, which may bring crisis to human beings

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The earth is not only a beautiful planet of life, but also a planet rich in resources. For the survival and development of biology, resources are indispensable, especially for intelligent life, the importance of resources is irreplaceable.

Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, people did not know much about resources and what they meant to human beings. However, when mankind entered the era of science and technology, we realized that science and technology can not develop rapidly without various resources, and human civilization can not achieve a leap without rich resources.

The earth is an extremely rich planet in resources. Basically, the common resources in the universe have reserves on the earth. It is with the support of these rich resources that human science and technology can leap out of the earth and explore the universe in just a few hundred years. It can be seen that resources are the basis of science and technology, and also the basis for the development of human civilization. Without resources, science and technology can not move forward, and human civilization will eventually disappear in the long river of history.

Human demand for resources is all-round, basically every kind of resources we need to use, and most of the earth’s resources are non renewable. Some resources are gone, we can also use other resources to replace, such as coal is gone, we also have natural gas, solar energy to replace. However, once some resources are exhausted, there will be no alternative resources, such as phosphorus, which we are very familiar with.

Phosphorus is no stranger to friends. It is the 15th chemical element, the symbol P. It is in the third period and the fifth a group of the periodic table. Phosphorus exists in all cells of human body. It is necessary to maintain bones and teeth. It participates in almost all physiological chemical reactions. Phosphorus is also an important substance to make the heart beat regularly, maintain the normal function of kidney and transmit nerve stimulation. Nicotinic acid (also known as vitamin B3) cannot be absorbed without phosphorus.

Phosphorus is an indispensable mineral for all plants and animals (including human beings) on the earth. It is not only a non renewable resource, but also an irreplaceable material. Although the phosphorus resource on the earth is very rich, the demand of nature for it is also very large, especially after human entering the era of science and technology, the demand for phosphorus is also increasing.

Although we all know the importance of phosphorus for animals and plants, for human beings, but we are very lack of protection for it. At present, the world has not taken effective measures to protect this key element, and the application of phosphorus is also very simple, such as adding to fertilizer to increase agricultural production.

I believe that many people know about phosphorus, and it is estimated that they can also see it from chemical fertilizer. Such an important element, our application of it is so simple and primitive. In recent years, the consumption of phosphorus resources is also increasing due to the rapid growth of phosphorus fertilizer consumption. According to the survey of scientists, the use of phosphorus fertilizer has increased five times in the past 50 years, and the demand is expected to double by 2050.

The increasing consumption of phosphorus resources makes scientists see the human crisis. So some scientists warn that phosphorus resource, an important material, is facing the risk of depletion, which may bring crisis to human beings. This warning is issued by a group of 40 famous international experts. With the current consumption rate, human beings may consume up to 80 years of the earth’s phosphorus reserves.

Once the phosphorus on the earth is consumed, animals and plants, including human beings, will not have available phosphorus. This situation is a crisis not only for human beings, but also for the whole earth ecology. This is an irreplaceable element. The phosphorus needed by human ecology and development mainly comes from the reserves of nature.

Once there is no reserves, human survival will encounter great difficulties and crisis, so scientists issued a warning, let human action, protect phosphorus this important resource. In order to protect phosphorus resources, it is important not to waste phosphorus. At present, our use of phosphorus is very simple and inadequate, resulting in a lot of pollution.

Although the science and technology of human beings are constantly improving, the technology and method of mining and consuming phosphorus resources are almost no progress. The chemical mixture of phosphorus is used as fertilizer and then discharged into the ocean, which not only pollutes the ocean and waterways, but also makes the fish unable to survive and become dead zones, and also poisons the drinking water.

In order to effectively protect phosphorus resources, we need to improve the phosphorus mining and application technology, establish a perfect recovery system, and increase the utilization rate of phosphorus by dozens of times. More importantly, we need to reduce the use of phosphorus in fertilizer, which is too wasteful. We can use other products to replace phosphorus fertilizer.

In the future, the number of human beings will continue to increase. At present, there are more than 7 billion people in the world, and this number may increase to 10 billion in the future. With the large increase of population, the demand for phosphorus is also increasing, but the phosphorus of the earth will be less and less, which is not a good phenomenon.

Of course, the phosphorus resources on the earth will be exhausted sooner or later, which is what we have to stop. And we protect phosphorus, improve its utilization rate, more important is to continue its depletion time. As long as more time is given to mankind, when we become an interstellar civilization, the problem of the depletion of the earth’s resources will not be able to restrict us.

You know, resources on earth are limited, but if put in the universe, it is infinite. As long as we have the ability of space mining and interstellar navigation. We can exploit space resources and get rid of the shackles of the earth’s resources. At that time, we can boldly use all kinds of resources, including phosphorus.

However, before human beings realized space mining and interstellar navigation, we need all kinds of protection for the earth’s resources. Let the time of exhaustion of resources be greatly prolonged. If we consume the earth’s resources before human beings really grow up, it will be a huge trouble for human beings, which may limit human beings to grow into interstellar civilization.

If human beings can not become a powerful interstellar civilization, the final outcome of human civilization may also be the end, just like the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, forever disappearing in the long river of history.

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