Scientists warn: the impact of sea level rise on human beings may be seriously underestimated, and the consequences are irreparable

More than half of May 2020 has passed. In another half a month, we will usher in June. From June on, people will face a very difficult natural disaster every year, that is, the terrible high temperature. I believe that in recent years, every year after June, people are worried about the high temperature. No matter friends living in the South or in the north, they have to worry about the high temperature.

For the friends working in the office, they may not feel the terrible high temperature with the air conditioner on, but for the friends who need to work outdoors, the high temperature is very terrible. If not, they will suffer heatstroke or even endanger their lives. I believe that in recent years, after the high temperature season, we have heard a lot about people who died of heat stroke due to high temperature all over the world.

Why is the global temperature getting higher and higher in recent years? I believe many people understand that this is because of the aggravation of the greenhouse effect. The main source of greenhouse effect is the increasing carbon dioxide emissions, which leads to the increasing carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. This is the inevitable result of the rapid development of industry after mankind enters the era of science and technology.

The rapid development of human industry needs to consume a lot of fossil energy, and the use of fossil energy will inevitably continue to release a lot of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. In addition, with the continuous destruction of trees and vegetation by human beings, the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by plants is also decreasing, increasing and decreasing, resulting in the increasing speed of atmospheric dioxide surface. The greenhouse effect is becoming more and more severe, and the natural global temperature will continue to increase.

The impact of rising global temperature on the earth’s ecology will be more and more obvious. One of the most important impacts is the rising sea level caused by the continuous melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles. Some people may say that in recent years, the sea water in our place near the sea has been receding, and a lot of land that disappeared in the past has been exposed. How can we say that the sea level is rising?

In fact, this situation is a kind of illusion. The global ocean distribution and flow are not completely uniform. In some places, a lot of land will continue to be drowned and disappeared with the rise of the ocean level, while in some places, the sea level may still recede due to drought and other reasons. But this retreat does not change the fact that the global sea level is rising.

Last year, more than 11000 scientists from all over the world issued a joint statement warning that the earth is in a state of climate emergency, which once again sounded the “climate alarm” to mankind. This statement is not a groundless guess by scientists, but a conclusion drawn from the latest large amount of climate data.

The rate of ecological deterioration of the earth is accelerating, the trend of global temperature rise remains unchanged, and the melting rate of ice and snow in the north and south poles is also accelerating. The results of last year’s research show that the impact of sea level rise on human beings may be seriously underestimated, and the consequences will be irreparable.

Sea level rise is the most direct and severe consequence of global warming. According to the latest model simulation results, even if human beings completely stop the emission of greenhouse gases at this moment, the global sea level will still rise about 45 cm by 2100.

Many people may think that sea level rise of 45cm has no effect, but in fact, this rise will still affect people living in many coastal cities. According to statistics, there are 110 million people living in low altitude areas below sea level, and 250 million people living in extremely low-lying areas.

Moreover, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the continuous increase of human life and other factors, the population of the earth will continue to increase in the future, and the number of people living below sea level will continue to increase. By 2100, the number of people living below sea level may reach 630 million.

Although scientists expect the trend of global warming to stop from now on, the reality is very cruel. The development of human science and technology continues, the speed of industrial development is accelerating, and the pace of greenhouse gas emissions cannot stop. Therefore, it is very difficult to fundamentally change the trend of global temperature rise. The speed of sea level rise will not slow down, but may continue to accelerate in the future.

According to new data, the melting rate of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets is six times that of 40 years ago, while the Greenland ice sheet covers an area of about 1.8 million square kilometers, equivalent to 11 Henan provinces. If the Greenland ice sheet completely melts, sea level will rise by 7 meters, which is enough to submerge the southern tip of Florida and the Yangtze River Delta. If all the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland melt, the sea level will rise by 61 meters, and the whole of North China, East China and the Bohai rim will disappear.

Maybe many people living in high altitude areas will say that we live in high terrain, even if the sea level continues to rise in the future, it will not affect us. But in fact, sea-level rise is a global disaster, which affects not only coastal areas, but also inland high altitudes, unless they all live on Mount Everest. And once this trend of sea level rise is formed, the consequences will be difficult to be deducted.

In fact, the amount of water on the earth’s surface is much more than we estimated. In the past, we said that the earth’s land area accounted for 29% of the surface area. In fact, this proportion did not take into account the huge glaciers in the north and south poles. Because it’s not liquid water, it can’t affect the land. That’s why we have 29 percent of the land.

But if we take into account the huge ice, snow and water resources in the north and south poles, 29% of the land may be removed by 20% and only 9% will be left. So it’s normal for global warming, sea-level rise and drowning large areas of land. It doesn’t mean that the earth’s water has increased. The amount of water on the earth’s surface is constant. What changes is that a large number of glaciers melt into liquid water.

If the trend of melting glaciers in the north and south poles cannot be changed in the future, the trend of large-scale disappearance of the earth’s land cannot be changed. If human beings want to survive on the earth, the only way for us is to develop science and technology. As long as science and technology are powerful enough, we will not be afraid of global sea level rise, which will make human beings lose their land.

At that time, we could use the power of science and technology to build a large number of marine cities. Human beings gave up land and migrated to marine cities, and still could survive on the earth. Maybe after the earth has basically become an ocean, the environment will be better than it is now.

Even if the future of the earth’s ecological deterioration can not survive, as long as we become an interstellar civilization, we can still leave the earth and live on other livable planets. The universe is so big that there are many planets for human survival everywhere. Of course, to achieve this, we need to make more efforts. With the current human technology, we don’t need to think about emigrating to other planets.

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