Screw 300 million years ago? Chip in ancient times? Is it the legacy of prehistoric civilization?

Does prehistoric civilization exist? What did the earth look like before the advent of mankind? These issues are still controversial. In the process of scientists’ exploration, although we have solved many unsolved mysteries, there are still many questions that have not been answered. Many people think that before the emergence of human beings, other civilizations have appeared on the earth, and the earth is likely to have bred many advanced civilizations. Is there any basis for this?

Screws 300 million years ago

In the course of exploration, scientists have found a screw, screw tightly embedded in the stone. When scientists analyzed the stone, they found that it was more than 300 million years ago. At that time, the earth was still in vicissitudes. How did screws come into being? Is there really a higher life? Many people think that perhaps the civilization of the earth itself is a cycle. Before the emergence of human beings, there were many advanced civilizations on the earth. They mastered advanced science and technology, and screws are their traces.

Some people think that these screws are probably related to extraterrestrial life, but we also suspect that traces of extraterrestrial civilization have been found in many murals and sites. Even though ancient humans have rich imagination, it is difficult for them to create the same image as the aliens in science fiction movies, so they are bound to see aliens before they can be portrayed on the stone wall. With the development of science and technology, scientists re studied the screw and then solved the problem.

Chip on stone

In fact, this is not a screw, but an animal fossil. It’s just that the shape of this animal fossil is similar to that of a screw. That’s why people have the illusion that this animal fossil is a sea lily. Scientists have not come to a final conclusion and are still testing it. In addition to the screw 300 million years ago, scientists have also found a chip on the stone, which is tightly embedded in the stone and can not be extracted by modern equipment.

These endless and shrouded in mystery also seem to reveal the ignorance of human beings. Although we stand at the top of the food chain and become the king of the earth, there are still many mysteries that cannot be solved in the long years of the earth. Just like prehistoric civilization, Xiaobian thinks that if they really existed, they could not have no trace on the earth.

We have been exploring for many years, and the answers have been overturned one by one. Perhaps, as scientists expected, there is no civilization in the world, and human beings are the only intelligent life bred by the earth. We still need a long time and research to really solve the problem. I don’t know what you think?

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