Sea level rise is a foregone conclusion! Most of China is flooded. Are there any cities where you are?

Global warming is an inevitable trend. Under the erosion of high temperature, sea level has begun to rise. Scientists have predicted that if this situation continues, the earth’s sea level will rise 66 meters in the future, and many low-lying countries and cities will be submerged. So which cities in China will be affected? Is your hometown still there?

Which cities will be submerged in China?

Scientists have counted the cities with an average altitude of less than 66 meters in China. Many cities in the south are on the list. Xiamen has an average altitude of 63.2 meters. Changsha has an average altitude of 44.9 meters. Haikou, Taipei, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan, Beijing and other northern cities are also on the list. If we look at this data, the sea level will rise 66 meters in the future, and most of China’s coastal areas will be affected Areas will be flooded, including some economically developed first tier cities.

Will the earth become a “water ball”?

For today’s earth, the ocean accounts for 70% of the area, the north and south poles are covered with thick glaciers, but also has most of the water on earth. If the situation of global warming continues to intensify, without other oceans, the melting water of glaciers in the north and south poles will be enough to submerge several countries. In addition to these coastal cities in China, some coastal countries can not be spared. At that time, the earth’s surface area will certainly change dramatically, a lot of land will be submerged, will the earth become a water ball at that time?

When will sea level rise

66 meters?

Since 2020, the earth’s environmental change has been very obvious, and the north and south poles have become a frequent word. As a cold world frozen all the year round, the Arctic has broken through the high temperature of 38 degrees, where people in Siberia have seen such a posture, they have to go to the sea to play. Some time ago, the Antarctic ice shelf collapsed, and the environmental situation in the north and south poles is not optimistic. Therefore, scientists have warned mankind that sea level rise has begun to appear. Of course, it will take thousands of years to reach the height of 66 meters. About 5000 years later, the earth will really be covered by water.

Many people take it lightly when they see this place. 5000 years is too far away. Therefore, many people think that global warming has nothing to do with themselves. This idea is actually very selfish. If everyone has this idea, the speed of global warming will be faster and faster, and such a scene will come ahead of time.

According to the data of scientists, two small islands in Indonesia have disappeared from the earth this year due to the rise of sea level, and the islands in Japan have not escaped bad luck. Scientists also claim that by the middle of this century, about 40% of Hawaii’s beaches will be gone. So global warming is not far away from us, and every country in the world is also suffering from the impact of global warming. If we allow this situation to develop, we will ultimately pay for it.

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