“Second earth” found? Scientists found a planet, or has formed the ocean!

Since ancient times, mankind has been full of infinite yearning for the universe. Is the earth really the only planet in the universe that breeds life? With the wantonly destruction of the earth’s resources by human beings, if the earth can not bear the heavy burden, where should human beings go to survive? With these doubts, scientists are also on the way to find a second earth.



The birth of life is not a coincidence. Simply speaking, if a planet has sufficient liquid water and suitable temperature, it is possible to breed life even without oxygen. After all, in the early days of the birth of the earth, there was no oxygen on the earth. It was not until the appearance of cyanobacteria that the atmospheric structure changed that the oxygen loving organisms came to the stage of history. So when scientists are looking for the second earth, they also pay attention to water resources. In the process of exploration, scientists also found that many planets are rich in liquid water, among which Europa is the most promising one.


Scientists even speculated that fish might have appeared in its groundwater. If scientists are right, it means that life on this planet has evolved for more than 30 years. In order to prove whether this planet can give birth to life, NASA has also made a plan. Maybe in 2026, they will send a probe to this planet. At that time, the secrets of the second planet will be solved by human beings.



In fact, in addition to Europa, scientists have found a special planet, which is the largest asteroid in the solar system. This asteroid is Ceres. After scientists’ exploration, it was found that it is located at the edge of the livable zone, which also means that it can obtain energy directly from the sun. After a long time of research, scientists also found a surprising phenomenon that there may be a large amount of liquid water on Ceres, with the content as high as 40%. Is this true?


Ceres is still a certain distance from the sun. There is an ice shell on Ceres. Because it can be irradiated by the heat of the sun, water vapor will be produced after high temperature reaction. Scientists believe that the emergence of water vapor is probably related to energy activities. Until now, scientists still have hope for Europa and Ceres. If the earth is really not suitable for human habitation in the future, Ceres is likely to be the focus of scientists’ choice.


Although scientists have great hopes for ancient Ceres, they have not found any life on Ceres. Judging from the life span of dark Ceres, there may be some microorganisms on this planet. If you want to solve the secret of Ceres, it depends on the process of human exploration. I don’t know what you think.

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