Second earth? What should the rest do if one million people migrate?

Today, the exploration of the universe is more urgent. This year’s environmental situation is not optimistic. For the long-term development of mankind, scientists have been looking for a second earth. The launch of tianwen-1 marks the beginning of China’s march to Mars. Speaking of Mars migration, musk is most interested. Musk once claimed to build 1000 spaceships within 10 years and send 1 million people to Mars. Is this really possible?

Musk’s ambition for Mars

Although all countries have started plans to explore Mars, many scientists believe that the current Martian environment is not suitable for human habitation. Mars has a thin atmosphere, and it is windy and dry all the year round. We can imagine that when we are on Mars, there will be a sandstorm near us soon, which really can’t live. However, human beings have never given up Mars and still see the conditions for its transformation. Musk once proposed the idea that blowing up the north and south poles of Mars with an atomic bomb and melting a large number of glaciers would improve the climate and change the composition of the atmosphere. This idea sounds very good, but it is very difficult to implement. After all, the nuclear radiation power of the atomic bomb is beyond our imagination.

But such a dilemma has not dampened Musk’s confidence. The space X rocket he launched this year has made him famous for his ambition. It can be said that Musk’s idea is very bold, and his executive ability is also very strong. Some people even said that most of the plans musk put forward have been successfully realized. Since he can say that one million people will migrate to Mars, he must have made plans long ago.

Mars transformation plan

Some people think that Musk’s idea is a little too anxious. Although Mars can support human transformation, it may take another 100 or 200 years for human migration to come true. Astronauts need to wear heavy protective clothing when they enter space. It takes a long way for human beings to get rid of the bad atmospheric environment. But we have to admit that Mars has become the second earth in most people’s minds. If we want to really land on Mars, it will be around the corner.

The situation of the earth’s environment

Some may wonder why humans are so keen on Mars? In fact, it is not the Martian environment that attracts people, but the earth’s environment has undergone irreversible changes. The survival of human beings on the earth is closely related to the environmental situation. If the earth does not regenerate one day, then the speed of human extinction will be accelerated. Therefore, for the continuation of human civilization, Mars livability has become the top priority of scientists’ exploration.

So Mars migration is possible in the future, but if only one million people can be transported to Mars, as musk said, where will the rest of mankind go? What do you think of Musk’s idea?

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