Second Neptune, with a temperature of more than 1700 degrees, appears and there are a lot of doubts

In the solar system, humans defined the existence of nine planets, but Pluto was eventually kicked out of the nine planets because of some changes in its definition. And it hasn’t changed since now. According to the news in the Journal of nature, recently, astronomers have discovered another planet, which has aroused controversy. Is this the ninth largest planet in the legend?

So what kind of star is this planet? Scientists call it super hot Neptune because it has some obvious features, such as its orbit is very close to its star.

The international team used the transit exoplanet to survey, and found that the star is about 260 kilometers away from the earth, and its cycle time is less than one earth day, which means that it will orbit its star almost every 19 hours, and because of the radiation in the surrounding body field, the planet’s temperature is generally more than 2000 degrees, thus obtaining ultra-high temperature It’s the title.

In terms of mass, it is indeed heavier than Neptune. After all, its core mass is almost equal to 30 earths, and its atmosphere accounts for as much as 9%. According to the analysis of astronomers, it has a history of about 21 years, so it is a bit late to discover the existence of this star.

According to the evolution of the planet, there is no very strong rule for the appearance of Neptune. In fact, the essential reason is the continuous movement of the planet in space. Moreover, there are many questions about Neptune, such as why its atmosphere accounts for 9% of its mass, which is the most difficult to answer.

From the perspective of astronomers and scientists, this planet should not be able to keep the atmosphere for so long. At the same time, it has just been mentioned that if there is strong radiation from the star, then this radiation will erode the atmosphere. Therefore, this can also explain why planets can be found so close to the star, especially Neptune sized planets are rare.

Therefore, Neptune, the second planet in this family, is actually a very unique existence in the whole solar system. Of course, many of its problems can not be solved at the present level of science and technology. So if we start with Neptune, maybe the right answer will be found one day.

What human beings are exploring now is just the tip of the iceberg. Many people speculate from this second Neptune whether there is a second Neptune in the universe, but we don’t know for sure whether there is a new world in the universe.

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