Secondary civilization? 1500 light years away, scientists are worried

With its intelligent mind and unparalleled physical advantages, human beings have gradually reached the top of the food chain, established civilization, and become the overlord of “crushing” other creatures on the earth. Thousands of years later, civilization finally ushered in a qualitative change in the 18th century. Automation machines led mankind to open the door to a new era, and the level of science and technology has been greatly developed.

However, technology can not only improve the quality of life and change the way of life, but also greatly increase the ambition of human beings, making them willing to live on the small earth. With the desire to explore the unknown, the desire to touch the ancient starry sky began to reappear. Countless detectors rose from the ground and pointed to the sea of stars. In the 1960s, when most people were still immersed in the vastness of the universe, many scientists noticed that the universe was too “silent”.

This situation is unbelievable, because scientists have used various methods to calculate the number of habitable planets in the universe long ago, that is, there are many civilizations in the universe, why does not a civilization appear? In order to solve this mystery, scientists have tried their best to “shout” in the universe, but for more than half a century, there has been no response.

However, this did not frustrate scientists, because many remote observations show that aliens do not exist, but are very far away. In the constellation Cygnus, 1500 light-years away from the earth, there is a star called “tabby”, which may be the best proof. Before we study tabby in depth, we should first understand the process and method of discovering tabby. In order to explore the extraterrestrial planets in the universe, NASA launched the Kepler space telescope on March 7, 2009.

The method of finding planets is very unique. It uses the luminosity changes of stars when planets and stars overlap to judge whether there are planets in the stellar system, the size and shape of the planets, the distance from the stars, and the cycle of the planets. Scientists call this method transit.

Scientists have been using the Kepler telescope for nine years, observing thousands of star systems, and found hundreds of earth like planets in the habitable regions of stars. Tabby, on the other hand, has the same luminosity as the sun, and the amount of cosmic dust needed to reduce the star’s luminosity by 22% would be surprising.

What’s more, cosmic dust is not produced for no reason. It is usually the product of large-scale celestial events such as supernova explosion and celestial collision. However, scientists have observed that there is no trace around these celestial events.

Since it is not cosmic dust, why does its luminosity plummet so much? Unable to explain the mainstream theory, scientists have proposed a possibility – the Dyson ball.

That is to say, the abnormal change in luminosity of tabby star is due to an energy absorption device outside it, that is, the “Dyson ball” proposed by the famous physicist Freeman Dyson. It is worth noting that in order to better study and distinguish alien civilizations, Soviet astronomer Nikolay Kardashev proposed the Kardashev level in 1964. According to the amount of energy that civilization can consume, civilization can be divided into three levels, from low to high, namely level 1, level 2 and level 3.

The first level civilization refers to the energy of 10 cubic watts per second generated by civilization development activities, which is approximately equivalent to the solar energy absorbed by the earth per second. At present, less than one third of solar energy can be produced independently by human beings, so strictly speaking, human beings can only be regarded as 0.6 or 0.7 civilization at most.

The second level civilization refers to the civilization that can use the energy of the star system in which the parent star is located, and scientists have imagined that the second level civilization is used to collect the energy of the star. The three-tier civilization does not need to be explained too much. The three-tier civilization with Galactic energy is far less developed than today’s human imagination.

Now let’s go back to the subject. If tabby does darken, it means that a second civilization may have appeared in Cygnus, 1500 light-years away. In fact, this conjecture worries many scientists, because 1500 light-years is actually quite close on the whole cosmic scale. If there is a second level civilization, they will find us much earlier than us.

It’s true that scientists’ conjecture is frightening, but conjecture is only conjecture after all. Dimming doesn’t mean that it must be Dyson sphere. After all, human beings are just a toddler in the universe. In the deep darkness, there must be many unknown secrets that human beings can’t understand.

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