Secret FBI documents revealed: Nicolas Tesla is an alien, from Venus

Human beings have never stopped exploring the universe. In modern science and technology, there are several bright stars that have illuminated the whole 20th century and even the future.

These shining superstars are the scientists who have devoted themselves silently. It is because of their contributions that we have our present life.

If you want to choose the world’s top ten scientists, then Nicolas Tesla will definitely have one. He is as famous as Edison, the king of invention, and his IQ is equal to that of Einstein.

He left many great inventions in his life and played an unparalleled role in the process of human entering modern civilization.

Nikola Tesla’s main achievements

Nicolas Tesla, an American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer of Serb origin. He devoted himself to continuous research all his life and obtained nearly a thousand patents

In 1895, he made generator sets for Niagara power station, which is still one of the world’s famous hydropower stations.

In 1897, he made Marconi’s radio communication theory come true.

In 1898, he built the world’s first radio remote control ship, and the radio remote control technology was patented.

In 1899, he invented X-ray photography. Other inventions include: Radio, radar, fax machine, vacuum tube, neon tube, missile navigation, etc.

Someone once said: if there is no Edison in the world, then the electric light and telegraph will be invented by others. If there is no Nicholas Tesla, the development of the whole world will be delayed for at least half a century. He is known as the “man close to God.”.

Nicholas Tesla’s identity revealed

The identity of the “man close to God” was secretly investigated by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), and it is said that the secret of his true identity was found from the declassified documents of the FBI.

There is such a shocking paragraph in this document: many of Nikolay Tesla’s scientific research are assisted by aliens, because he is from Venus.

In 1856, he was brought to earth by aliens and raised by a Yugoslavian couple. At that time, the scientific and technological level of the earth was very backward, so his mission was to promote the process of human civilization through invention and creation.

But because the U.S. government and the aliens reached some secret agreements at that time, Nicholas Tesla was treated unfairly.

There’s no doubt that’s frightening!

Although scientific research shows that the surface temperature of Venus is as high as 485 ℃, with a thick atmosphere, and the main component of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide, which causes Venus to have a serious greenhouse effect and extremely high pressure. The surface pressure is usually the same as that in the deep sea of the earth, and there may be terrible acid rain at any time, which is extremely corrosive. So nothing can grow on it, let alone human beings.

However, if aliens really exist, their civilization will be much higher than that of human beings, and the way of existence is beyond our imagination.

In a word, whether the big secret hidden from the FBI documents is true or false is still unknown. Perhaps with the rapid development of science, this unsolved mystery will be solved one day. Let’s wait and see!

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