Set the alarm clock! The most spectacular “dog eating the sun” of this century will be staged on June 21

Have you ever seen “dog eats the sun”? This is actually the phenomenon of solar eclipse. If the moon moves to the middle of the sun and the earth, and the three are in a straight line, the moon will block the light from the sun to the earth, and the shadow behind the moon will just fall on the earth. At this time, the phenomenon of solar eclipse occurs.

Solar eclipses are divided into partial solar eclipses, total solar eclipses and annular solar eclipses.

partial solar eclipse

It’s when the moon covers part of the sun. When the moon only covers the central part of the sun, there is a circle of sun around the sun, like a halo

annular eclipse

. The sun is completely covered is called total solar eclipse.

The occurrence of these three kinds of solar eclipses is related to the position of the sun, the moon and the earth, and also depends on the distance between the moon and the earth.

This phenomenon is known as “heavenly dog eats the sun” or “heavenly dog eats the sun” in folk legends. It refers to a very naughty beast in myths and legends. In some places, when people see this phenomenon, they will immediately beat gongs and drums, hoping to scare off the “heavenly dog” and let it spit out the sun.

Why talk about this “dog eat the sun”? Because in a few days, you’ll see it.

According to the prediction of the Zijinshan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it will appear on June 21 this year

annular eclipse

Phenomenon, the annular eclipse will be in

It starts from Tibet at about 2 p.m. and leaves at about 5 p.m


This will be the most spectacular “dog eating the sun” in this century, because you will see that 99.7% of the whole sun will be covered, which is a very rare phenomenon.

From the regional distribution, Tibet, Guizhou, Hunan, Sichuan, dusk, Fujian, Taiwan and other places are the best places to observe the next day’s annular eclipse, while partial solar eclipse will be seen in a few areas. When the annular eclipse occurs, they will see the red sun gradually become a huge circle, like a golden “ring”.

Why is there an annular eclipse?

As we all know, the moon goes around the sun as well as the earth. When the moon reaches a distant place, the shadow of the moon can not reach the ground, it will also block the light from the sun to the moon. In short, the sun, the earth and the moon are all in a straight line. However, because the moon is too small to completely block the sun, it only blocks the central area of the sun, exposing the edges around the sun. So the sun looks like a “ring.”.

When was the first record of an annular eclipse?

There are records about the phenomenon of annular solar eclipse in the ancient civilization countries of the world. There are six ancient solar eclipses recorded on the pottery vessels and broken stone tablets obtained from the ruins of Babylon and ninesia. One of the earliest occurred in 911 BC. It was once thought that this was the oldest record of a solar eclipse in the world.

However, there is also a solar eclipse recorded in Yinzheng in Shangshu. There was an annular eclipse in the 21st century BC, but the officials in charge of observing the sky at that time not only did not predict the time of the eclipse, but also got drunk on the day of the eclipse, so they were all executed for neglect of duty. Therefore, it has been recognized by Chinese and foreign astronomers as the earliest record of solar eclipse in the world.

For the coming phenomenon of “dog eating the sun”, if you want to observe it, you should not only choose the best observation site, but also choose the right filter, such as sunglasses, photo negatives, welding lenses, etc. but you must not see it directly with the naked eye, otherwise it is easy to damage your eyes!

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