Seven secret messages hidden in famous works of art have been found! What does the author want to hide?

When we watch a movie in the cinema, the eggs after the movie always excite us. But imagine if you find the information hidden by the writer in the famous paintings with hundreds of years of history? Will you also be particularly excited? Let’s follow Xiaobian to see the seven secret information hidden in famous works of art!

1、 The secret of the last supper

As we all know, Leonardo da Vinci is a versatile man, but in fact, there is another talent that is even less known, which is hidden in his most famous work “the last supper”, that is music.

In 2003, glovanni Maria Paula discovered that if you draw a staff on the whole painting, corresponding to the position of the Apostle’s hand and the position of the bread, you can unlock a melody that has been hidden for more than 500 years.

At first, the score didn’t seem to form a complete melody, but when he remembered that Da Vinci wrote music from right to left, glovanni Maria Paula reversed the score, which corresponded to a 40 second hymn that sounded like a requiem.

2、 Secret diagram

Michelangelo’s creation of Adam is one of the most iconic paintings in human history. It depicts the scene of God injecting life into Adam through his fingers in genesis, which is in line with the atmosphere of the Sistine Chapel.

Dr. meshberger noticed that the cross-section of the American brain coincides with the cross-section of the American brain in 1990.

Carefully observed, the boundary in the painting corresponds to the sulcus, brainstem, basilar artery, pituitary gland and optic chiasm on the inner and outer surface of the brain.

Then think of the fact that when Michelangelo was 17 years old, he was a passionate anatomy student, dissecting corpses from a local churchyard for research.

3、 Discovery of evidence of Ancient Aliens

Take a look at Domenico girandaio’s paintings and you will immediately find out what catches your eyes?

Is that the charming lady in the middle? Maybe Jillian Michaels, the baby in the low waist pants, wants to slap her, while another angel baby is checking his physique.

So maybe the first thing you notice is a strange object hovering in the sky, and the guy under it is thinking: what is it.

Some people think it looks like a UFO, which may be a symbol of human sightings of aliens in the early 15th century. Others believe that this is a reflection of the text of the gospel of Luke. The shepherds who are watching the sheep in the field by night, see, the angel of the LORD God is coming around them, and the glory of the LORD God is shining around them.

4、 Message to the Pope

This is Michelangelo’s the prophet Zacharias. It was painted in the Sistine Chapel during the reign of Pope Julius II in 1512. Julius II is regarded as the terrible godfather, but Michelangelo is not a fan of him. It is said that he painted Zacharias very similar to Pope Julius.

If you look closely, you will find that an angel behind Zacharias, his finger angle seems a little strange, he seems to put his thumb on the tip of the middle finger and index finger, basically, this is the ancient version of the vertical middle finger.


Mona Lisa

》My secret

We already know that Da Vinci likes to hide music scores in his works, but what secrets are hidden in the Mona Lisa?

The mysterious lady’s right eye is actually painted with the initials Lv of the artist’s name, but they are very small; on the bridge arch, there are 72 numbers; under the painting, 149 numbers are hidden.

What’s more surprising is that in 2015, a French scientist used reflective light technology to claim that another portrait of a woman was found under the image we could see. People agreed that this was Leonardo da Vinci’s “first draft”, on which he painted and created his masterpiece.

6、 Another one“

last supper

Van Gogh, the author of the famous paintings starry night and white portrait, also created this colorful caf é scene caf é at night. This painting is not only a simple description of the diner, but also a more realistic improvisation than Da Vinci’s last supper.

First of all, Van Gogh is very devout. His father is a priest. In this picture, there are 12 people sitting around the cafe. They are surrounded by a long haired man who is just standing in front of a cross on the window.

7、 Mozart and Freemasonry

This is a painting by the classical composer Mozart when he was six years old. This painting was created by Pietro Antonio Lorenzini in 1763.

But you know what? The way Mozart is portrayed implies that he is the most mysterious social organization in the world.

A member of the Freemasons, with one hand hidden in his shirt or jacket pocket, is regarded as a mysterious symbol of a person’s commitment to the cause of the Freemasons. Although many of his later works do imply his love for the Freemasons, it would be quite shocking if he was instilled this love from the age of 6.

What do you think of the seven secret messages hidden in famous works of art? Welcome to comment area.

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