She has become a naturalized American. She earns 1.6 billion yuan from China every year. She doesn’t donate, but she donates 600 million yuan to the United States!

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, people from all walks of life have given their strength, but there are still some people who have great strength but do not do practical things. Rich Pan Shiyi’s “forced donation” event makes him a figure at the forefront of the trend.

But his career doesn’t seem to be affected. Pan Shiyi’s wife Zhang Xin is also a powerful woman. She and her husband Pan Shiyi jointly own SOHO China real estate.

In the early years, Zhang Xin and Pan Shiyi started a successful business together and became frequent customers of Hurun’s 100 rich list. However, unlike other rich people, she did not first contribute to the country when making money, but first changed her nationality and became an American citizen.

It is reported that she earns 1.6 billion yuan a year in China, but when she turns around, she donates as much as 600 million yuan to the education cause in the United States, which is a bit ironic.

Zhang Xin and his wife did not make any substantial donation, and netizens also had a heated discussion about it. Although moral kidnapping is wrong, the behavior of Zhang Xin and Pan Shiyi is really impressive. What do you think of this?

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