She lost a leg in a car accident, but rebuilt a more cool “leg” with children’s building blocks

You may know Lego building block, which is a puzzle game that many children used to play. We use it to make characters, houses, cars, castles or animals. But have you ever heard of building blocks to make a prosthetic limb?

There was once a young woman from the United States, Christina Stephen, who lost a leg in a car accident. But in the face of life, she did not lose heart. She was still as positive and optimistic as before and enjoyed life.

One day, she came up with a fancy, using Lego blocks to make a colorful artificial limb for herself. Of course, Christina Stephen did the same, and spent two days recording the whole production process, which was sent to Youtube and received 325000 hits.

However, Christina Stephen also reminds us that although this is a “prosthetic”, I hope you don’t imitate it. After all, the prosthetic made of Lego blocks has poor stability. Christina Stephen said, “I don’t want you to fall down.”

The colorful prosthesis is really colorful, just like Stephen’s life has not lost color, as long as we have an optimistic attitude, what we become is not important, the most important thing is to live the most beautiful appearance.

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