She once threatened to “destroy human beings”. Four years later, what happened to Sophia, a female robot?

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more intelligent products appear in our lives. AI hosts in museums and encyclopedia robots that can communicate with human beings mean the vigorous development of artificial intelligence. With the development of intelligent products in human life, many people are worried about whether artificial intelligence will replace human beings in the future? Will learning ability destroy human beings?

Seeing such questions, many people think of Sophia, a female robot who once threatened to destroy human beings in 2016. Now four years have passed. What’s the matter with her? Sophia is a robot made by Hansen company in Hong Kong. She is also the first robot in the world to obtain a legal ID card. Sophia’s learning ability is not only very powerful, but also can communicate with human beings in real time. In fact, as early as 2015, Hansen company designed a robot named Harley. At that time, science and technology were not as advanced as they are now. Harley can only share part of the work of human beings, so it is difficult to communicate with human beings. So after Hansen company improved its scientific research level, Sofia came out in 2016.

Threatened to destroy humanity

She has a skin and language system similar to human beings. If you don’t look at it carefully, it’s hard to imagine that she is just a cold machine. Hansen company has implanted advanced computer algorithm and language system into Sophia’s brain, so it can have friendly communication with human beings,. At that time, the founder of Hansen asked Sophia whether the future would replace mankind? Sophia’s shocking words made people panic at that time. She claimed that the future would destroy mankind. After hearing Sophia’s words, many people feel frightened. They are skeptical about the development of artificial intelligence. Perhaps in the future, with the continuous improvement of learning ability, artificial intelligence will really put human beings on the bottom of their feet.

At that time, Hansen company also issued a statement. They believed that what Sophia said was not what they thought. After all, it was just a machine and had no real consciousness. It was just a reply made by the language system after recognition. Human beings didn’t have to pay too much attention to it. Even if Hansen company said so, many people still didn’t like it. Even many scientists are worried about the development of artificial intelligence. Hawking is one of them, and musk, the founder of Tesla, also claims that perhaps artificial intelligence will reach its peak in 2035, when they will replace human beings. In terms of human science and technology, it is inconceivable whether they can resist the invasion of artificial intelligence.

Sophia not only knows many languages, but also has amazing learning ability. Her brain capacity is even broader than that of human beings. Even a gifted teenager will feel inferior when standing in front of her. Now, four years have passed, and Sofia’s dream of destroying mankind has not come true. We are still the overlord of the earth. So where did Sofia go after saying these words? How is she doing now?

Sophia today

Hansen company often takes Sophia to all parts of the world. They hope that human beings can dispel the fear of artificial intelligence. Sophia has also become a new Internet celebrity from a robot. She not only accepted the invitation of various major variety shows, but also came to China to participate in e-commerce live broadcast, which seems to be a fight with human beings. Therefore, artificial intelligence will not really destroy human beings, they will ultimately serve human beings.

Artificial intelligence has become an inevitable trend of future development. The birth of a new thing will always be accompanied by many controversies, not to mention the newly developed artificial intelligence. Therefore, human beings need not worry too much. As long as we keep our own attitude and pace, artificial intelligence will also become a helper for the development of human civilization. Today, Sofia has also opened a personal social account. It’s very easy for us to understand the recent situation of Sofia. I don’t know what we think?

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