Should Hawking’s prediction come true when there is something in the human body that shouldn’t exist? How long can we last?

Nowadays, human life has undergone earth shaking changes. Compared with people in the past, we benefit from various intelligent products and have greatly liberated our hands. With the rapid development of scientific and technological civilization, the quality of human life has not fallen. The development of human civilization is not perfect, although we are moving towards a better direction, but the earth is suffering from heavy pressure.

In recent years, a variety of new industries have sprung up, and more and more young people have become white-collar workers and office workers. The takeout industry has been in full swing in recent years, and all kinds of disposable lunch boxes and plastic products have filled human life. In fact, at the beginning of manufacturing, plastics were not designed for human life. At that time, plastics were widely used in industry. It was not until the level of science and technology accelerated that it became popular all over the world. When we go to convenience stores or walk on the street, we can see plastic products everywhere.

Scientists’ experiments

As we all know, plastics are difficult to degrade in nature. A large number of plastic wastes accumulate on the ground. After years of wind and sun, they will become a major threat to the ecosystem. Many plastic products even take hundreds of years to completely degrade, which is a great pressure on the earth’s environment. Since plastic has penetrated into human life, is there any plastic particles in our body? In order to solve this problem, scientists also conducted an experiment some time ago. When they went to the depth of 8000 meters, they found the figure of plastic bags. To their surprise, some marine organisms even had plastic micro particles in their bodies.

Plastic has penetrated into the human body

After eating the food containing plastic particles by mistake, these marine organisms finally enter the human body through the food chain. Scientists have detected plastic particles in human feces before, and even newborn babies take in a lot of plastic particles every day, which is actually caused by the bottles they use. According to the current speed of human development, it is impossible for us to completely abandon plastics, so in the future, plastic pollution will still be a thorny problem.

Is Hawking’s prediction coming true?

Over the years, scientists have been looking for components that can replace plastics. Although some progress has been made, it has not been widely promoted. These experiments are still in the research stage. Seeing this, many people are also worried. Hawking once predicted that human beings will leave the earth in the future. According to the pollution situation of the earth, maybe this prediction will come true.

It is still unknown whether plastic particles will affect us when there are plastics that should not exist in the human body. What we can do is start from restricting our own behavior, which can reduce the damage by one point.

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