Siberia is now 50 meters mysterious “Tiankeng”, accompanied by a huge explosion, the reason for the formation of controversial!

Siberia is now 50 meters mysterious “Tiankeng”, accompanied by a huge explosion, the reason for the formation of controversial!

Siberia is the third time capsule on the earth except the north and south poles, which are famous for their severe cold. It carries the most primitive information on the earth. Under the permafrost of Siberia, there are tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of years of fossils and viruses. Because of the influence of global warming, the permafrost has melted. Siberia’s environment has completely changed. According to scientists, a 50 meter deep hole has appeared in the region, causing inexplicable worries among experts. How did it come into being?

In the past six years, Siberia has never seen such a large sinkhole, which is the 17th mysterious cave in history. Scientists boldly infer the source of the sinkhole. It is determined that the high temperature and dry heat in summer lead to signs of thawing of the permafrost layer. Methane gas accumulates together and eventually leads to underground explosion, which leads to such a large area of sinkhole. Unlike the previous Tiankeng, it exploded outwards, not collapsed inwards, which puzzled scientists. Siberia is now 50 meters mysterious “Tiankeng”, accompanied by a huge explosion, the reason for the formation of controversial!

This is the cause of the formation of Tiankeng

When the researchers observed the field, they found large pieces of soil and ice hundreds of meters away from the entrance. Scientists speculated that this might be due to the power of nature to create such a big hole. Almost all the sky was discovered after explosion. There was too much methane gas buried under the permafrost layer, accumulating over time and finally completely exploding. The reason for the explosion may be closely related to human activities.

The most incredible thing is that there are signs that these sinkholes are growing. In the final analysis, they are all caused by global warming. It is an indisputable fact that the earth’s temperature is rising in a straight line, regardless of human activities or natural circulation. It is developing in a bad direction. If it continues, human beings will be destroyed in the future. As early as a long time ago, scientists warned human beings to reduce activities, plant more trees, let alone destroy the harmonious relationship with nature.

What can human beings do to alleviate the current situation of the earth?

Starting from ourselves, we should discharge the right amount of carbon and not let it exceed the standard, so as to balance the current situation. Only in the future can the earth develop in a better direction. However, human beings just don’t listen and still go their own way. Few people really take action. It took only a few million years for human beings to become the master of the earth and become a mature human civilization. Have you ever thought that it is not the earth that needs human beings, but that human beings need the earth. Without human beings, the earth may recover faster.

The earth has become scarred because of human beings. Everyone should pay attention to the protection of the earth’s environment. Today, the north and south poles and Siberia are the most significant changes. It will be too late to wake up. The main cause of global warming is the emissions of carbon dioxide and methane, which are the root causes of the greenhouse effect. Only by reducing the emissions of these greenhouse gases can we alleviate the global warming These are the problems. What do you think of the sudden appearance of a 50 meter pit in Siberia? You can leave a message for interaction.

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