Siberian permafrost melting, an unusual scene, scientists worry!

With the collapse of the Arctic frozen soil and the reappearance of 14000 year old prehistoric creatures, the identity is still a mystery!

Because of global warming, human beings have suffered a lot. The root of everything comes from human beings, and it is the whole earth and nature that are harmed. The north and south poles used to be extremely cold places, and the annual temperature was about minus 60 or 70 degrees. However, due to this disaster, the Arctic temperature broke through the highest temperature of 38 degrees in history, countless glaciers and permafrost melted, many places collapsed, and the surrounding coastal areas were submerged due to sea level rise.

In these collapsed permafrost layers, not only ancient biological remains, but also countless treasures have been found. In Siberia, mammoth ivory, gold, precious stones and so on are hidden, which can be sold at a good price. Once they can be found, they may become rich. Take mammoth ivory for example. Mammoth has been extinct for a long time, but its teeth are excellent materials for manufacturing technology. They are very popular both at home and abroad, and can often be sold at a good price, not to mention gold and diamonds. With the collapse of the Arctic frozen soil and the reappearance of 14000 year old prehistoric creatures, the identity is still a mystery!

Discovery of ancient biological remains in Arctic permafrost

Siberia itself is a place rich in mineral resources, and now it has become the first choice for gold miners. It has to be said that the thawing of Arctic frozen soil has brought a lot of benefits to mankind, but at the same time, the harm has also quietly come. Last year, a research team found an ancient creature from 14000 years ago in the permafrost of Siberia. It looks like a wolf and a dog. It can be preliminarily determined that it belongs to the canine family. As for the specific identity, it is not known.

There’s no level of DNA that can match it in the end. There is a clear distinction between man and dog. Not only do they have different living habits, but also their looks. Dogs become obedient under the domestication of human beings, and wolves are different. Strangely enough, was there any trace of human existence in Siberia 14000 years ago?

What is its identity?

In 2008, some experts found a fossil similar to human bones in a cave in Siberia, so as to determine that human beings may have existed. This ancient creature may not be a pet of human beings, and it has another identity. The history is too long, and experts can not determine its specific identity. It is a great anecdote to be able to find the remains of this ancient creature . However, something worrying has happened. In the remains of this ancient creature, scientists have detected viruses, microorganisms, bacteria, etc., which will bring great trouble to human beings. Once the virus is infectious, it will spread to the whole earth, and human beings will also suffer.

These problems are worth considering. Regardless of its identity, first of all, we have to solve the impact of global warming. These are irreversible. If we continue to do so, human beings will be swallowed up one day and the earth will no longer be suitable for human habitation. At that time, where should human beings use as their habitat? What do you think of the remains of this ancient creature in the Arctic? You can leave a message for interaction.

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