Signals from the depths of the universe, repeated many times, thanks to the Chinese eye received!

Tianyan has made great efforts to receive the mysterious signal of “triple flash”, which is suspected to be sent by aliens!

In the past few years, China’s heavenly eye has made remarkable contributions to human beings, narrowing the distance between human beings and the universe. On June 3, it was reported that China’s heavenly eye made great achievements again. This discovery made people marvel that it captured a rare fast radio storm signal. It is understood that this signal is quite different from the previous signal. This time, it flickered three times in a row, 10 billion years away from the earth. Although its origin is unknown, the capacity it released is amazing Admiration.

What is a fast radio storm?

From a scientific point of view, it has high research value, so what is a rapid radio storm? Although its duration is short, its energy is amazing. It can only last for a few milliseconds. Even the energy released by the sun in a day may not be comparable to it. More than 10 years ago, scientists first captured the signal of rapid radio bursts, and then launched a series of studies. Unfortunately, its origin has not been confirmed so far. Tianyan has made great efforts to receive the mysterious signal of “triple flash”, which is suspected to be sent by aliens!

A large number of data show that the appearance of fast radio bursts is closely related to supernova explosion or the birth of stars. Many people think that it is possible that alien civilizations are at the other end of the universe. Rapid radio bursts are their signals. Their main purpose is to find companions. After all, many signals are repetitive, as if they are emphasizing something. By 2015, scientists had made a greater breakthrough in the in-depth tracking of fast radio storms. Fortunately, their efforts were not in vain. Last year, scientists captured a group of fast radio storms, called frb121102, 3 billion light-years away from the earth.

Scientists locate fast radio bursts

It is understood that it continuously transmits 15 repeated signals. According to this discovery, scientists quickly locked its position, and there was a dwarf planet around it, which scientists put forward various conjectures. Some people thought that its appearance was related to alien civilization. After all, in the universe, only alien civilization can have such great power to launch rapid radio bursts.

At the same time, China’s sky eye also brings better news. In the near future, China’s sky eye equipment will be upgraded to explore deeper parts of the universe. In the future, more rapid radio storms can be found, and human beings can find traces of alien civilization. Understanding everything is a process from scratch, not overnight. It’s a long process to capture more rapid radio bursts. At present, the most important thing to do is to find out their sources, why they appear and by whom they are sent out?

Only by thoroughly solving these problems can human beings have a deeper understanding of them. With the progress of science and technology, human beings will one day be able to have a deeper understanding of the universe and uncover more unsolved mysteries by relying on the power of science and technology. What do you think is the meaning of this group of rapid radio bursts captured by scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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