“Silly roe deer”, one of the four great beasts in Northeast China, do you think it is really stupid?

Where’s daddy going? Mengwa and dads go to northeast in winter. There is a roe deer in the room snatched by Tian Liang and his daughter. The subtitle group names it “roe deer king”. It is also popular on the Internet because of its cute appearance and silly character. And was named the new generation of beast “snow mud horse”.


Roe deer is a small and medium-sized deer, herbivorous, slender neck, big eyes, big ears, looks lovely. Yellow body grass, white hair under the tail root, timid temperament, day habitat in the dense forest, sooner or later to the open grassland or shrub activities.

The origin of “silly roe deer”


1. When the roe deer is frightened, its tail will explode and turn into a white buttock. It will stop to think about whether to escape.


2. It runs in front of the car in the middle of the road by the light of the lamp. I don’t know it will be killed.

3. When chased by hunters, they will bury their heads in the snow, thinking that they will not be found.


But in fact, roe deer is not “stupid” at all. It has strong adaptability to the environment. Its tail will be cocked when it is frightened, and it looks like a white buttock. Exploding its tail is not a natural reaction of roe deer when it is scared, but a natural reaction after being threatened. The scientific explanation of white buttock is that it is helpful to confuse the enemy’s sight and make them dazzled. Sometimes roe deer does not run because it needs to confirm what the threat is, or to protect its offspring. Someone once met a young roe deer in the wild, and not far away saw a female roe deer standing foolishly and not running away. It was obvious that the female roe deer was using herself to attract people’s attention. Later, she bypassed human beings and successfully found her own child.


The roe deer will run along the light because it can only see the light at night and can’t see the car. In evolution, most animals have understood the horror of human beings, but they have not yet linked the light with the terrible human beings. In China, countless animals are killed by the road every year, from snakes and frogs to badgers, leopards, civets and rabbits Roe deer account for only a small part of them.

The most painful thing is that when they are chased, they will bury their heads in the snow and think that they will not be found. This is not the fool of roe deer. It is the hunters who know how to hunt them with hunting skills. Roe deer eat grass and need to eat frequently to ensure sufficient physical strength. However, due to the continuous tracking of hunters, roe deer can only escape all the time and cannot eat until their physical strength is overdrawn. Finally, they fall into the snow It’s not stupid, it’s cruel. As the price of roe deer meat continues to rise, many roe deer are illegally hunted every year.


Compared with human beings, silly roe deer are really stupid. While human beings are pursuing wealth and interests, they are using their “stupidity”, but they can’t see their cruelty clearly. This is the most terrible!


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