Silver “Cube” unidentified objects, appear in 10000 meters high, the Pentagon is also difficult to explain!

If we pay attention, we will find that there are more and more UFO news in recent years. At the end of April this year, the United States released a UFO eyewitness video in which the well shaped UFO appeared. Surprisingly, this video was shot by American pilots in 2017. It took more than three years for the Pentagon to make the video public.

After seeing this practice, many netizens also feel very confused. It seems that this practice in the United States is a little silver free. Just as netizens were confused, the Pentagon leaked another photo some time ago. This photo has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Through the photo, we can see that there are silver UFOs in the air and UFOs under the water. What’s the matter?

Silver cube

In fact, pilots often see some mysterious objects when performing flight missions. These aircrafts are not built by human beings. They have strange shapes and fly very fast. The Pentagon has also been studying UFOs for so many years. A bumblebee fighter pilot told the media that they saw an unidentified object in front of them when they were flying at an altitude of 10000 meters. The unidentified object is cubic in shape, and its whole body is silver. Unlike other UFOs, the silver cube was still in the air when the pilot took photos with his mobile phone. After seeing this situation, the pilot immediately reported it to the organization, but it was only recently exposed.

Triangle aircraft

In addition to the pilot’s experience, three US intelligence officers also said that this incident has been widely spread among them. Although many people have worked in the intelligence department for decades, they have never seen such a scene.

In addition, another pilot disclosed to the world that he had seen a triangular aircraft during the flight mission, which rose from the sea of the United States and flew vertically upward. According to the current level of human science and technology, there is no way to make such an aircraft. So many people suspect that this may be an alien spaceship.

Over the years, scientists have been looking for aliens, but there is no ideal effect. Although life has been born in the ocean, human beings dare not stay in the ocean for a long time. Some mysterious objects often appear on the bottom of the sea. With the current technology of human beings, we can’t create those rapidly moving underwater vehicles. This incident also caused a discussion among netizens. They think that the aliens may have set up a base on the seabed. I don’t know what people think?

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