Since sold to 1 kg 200 yuan, now not electric fish, electric earthworm, a day can catch dozens of Jin!

In recent years, more and more people like electric fish. The way of electric fishing is not only convenient and fast, but also has an amazing number and a wide variety of fish. Whether it’s day or night, electric trappers can be seen everywhere. Although the state has banned electric trappers, there are still some people who take the risk to go to ponds, lakes and other places for electric trappers in the middle of the night. With the gradual rise of electric fishing, some electric fishing enthusiasts focus on the “earthworm”, the market economic benefits of electric fishing earthworm is more considerable than that of electric fishing fish.

What is electric earthworm? How powerful is the electric capture tool?

Some netizens can’t help asking: “earthworms live in tens of meters of soil. Can they be captured by electricity?” From the surface layer, electric catching earthworm is to catch the earthworm that inhabits in deep soil with charged tools. So, can the soil tens of meters deep transmit electricity?

The tool of electric earthworm catching is called “earthworm machine”, which was invented by Bozhou people in Anhui Province. There are many ways to explain the working principle of electric earthworm machine. If electric fish is corona when the fish floats on the surface of the water, but the earthworm will not float on the surface of the soil, how can electric earthworm catch?

The ingenious part of its design is the use of “low current and low voltage”. Under the stimulation of this current pulse, the earthworm was forced to escape from the soil and was finally captured by people. This kind of electric earthworm machine is composed of a battery, a voltage control box and two ground nails. When the electric earthworm is used, two ground nails are needed to play a key role in conducting electricity. The distance between the two ground nails should be kept at about 2 meters. After everything is ready, turn on the machine and the earthworm hidden under the soil can be electrified to the surface of the soil. Compared with fish, earthworm is extremely sensitive to electric current. When electric current passes through the soil, earthworm is extremely uncomfortable. It can’t drill down. After all, the depth of drilling is limited, so it has to choose to run up. Originally, it wanted to stay away from this dangerous land of right and wrong, but finally it entered another dangerous land!

Relevant media reports show that many people use this device to catch earthworms. On various e-commerce platforms, we can also find many businesses selling electric earthworm machines, which are known as “earthworm machines”, and the price is generally around 500 yuan.

Electric earthworm market overflowing: one kilogram worth 200 yuan

1. The market price is high and the temptation is great

Since the gradual rise of the electric fishing industry, more and more farmers have joined the team of electric earthworm catching. This kind of electric catching method is very simple, riding a motorcycle, carrying electric catching machines, shuttling in the countryside. It is understood that the income of electric earthworm catching is more objective than that of electric fishing. An average kilogram of earthworm is worth 200 yuan in the market, which is of great significance to a farmer Great temptation! Whether it’s a haystack, a lakeside, or a field, farmers will cast their nets widely. In order to pursue the maximum economic benefits, some of them have formed a large scale and clear division of labor. Some of them are specially responsible for catching earthworms by electricity, and others are specially responsible for marketing. The industry chain of catching earthworms by electricity has been formed. This ancient species living on the earth is also in danger now.

2. The rise of electric earthworm catching industry is mainly related to the wide use of earthworm

There are many kinds of earthworms. There are more than 3000 kinds of earthworms in the world, while there are more than 200 kinds of wild earthworms in China. The earthworms we use in our daily life can be roughly divided into red earthworm and black earthworm. In the natural environment, electric capture mainly catches green earthworm. For us ordinary people, earthworm is a very common creature. However, in the eyes of anglers, earthworm is a very good “bait”, no matter big fish or small fish like to eat it. Moreover, for farmers, earthworms are also “good helpers” for hoeing, and some people also call them “living plow harrow”.

In the field, the earthworm can easily loosen the soil, because it often likes to drill deep soil, so it makes the soil loose easily. It not only promotes the growth of microorganisms, but also brings the ground water into the soil. The earthworm can better improve the soil and make the crops grow better and better. Earthworms, also known as soil engineers, become the main decomposers of decomposed organic matter after death, and obtain nutrients from the bacteria and fungi in these substances. They break up organic matter and make a significant contribution to the recovery of its nutrients.

In addition, earthworm has good medicinal value. Earthworm is one of the most important Chinese herbal medicines in China. Earthworm is one of the 67 animal medicines recorded in Shennong Materia Medica, the earliest monograph of Chinese medicine. In Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica, it is recorded that earthworms can prepare 40 kinds of prescriptions. Earthworm is cold and salty. It is salty in taste and cold in nature. Its functions are heat clearing, antispasmodic, antiasthmatic and diuretic. Indications: high fever, mania, convulsions, headache, red eyes, wheezing phlegm heat, stroke, hemiplegia and other diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine is commonly used in the treatment of prostate and other diseases such as damp heat and urinary tract infection.

What harm can excessive electric capture of earthworms bring?

We often call the earth mother, but we don’t know that earthworm is the soul of the earth. If there is no earthworm, there will be no fertile soil, green crops and mulberry fields. Earthworm plays an important role in farming, and it will greatly change the soil structure, water content and plant growth. The electric current released in the process of catching earthworms by electricity can kill many microorganisms in the soil, which is an important factor to maintain soil fertility and vitality. Without earthworms and other microorganisms, the soil ecosystem will be seriously damaged, and the land will become more and more barren, which will affect the development of crops.

Nowadays, human beings have invented all kinds of electric capture tools for the temptation of interests, and extend the hand of interests to nature. Whether it is wild animals or wild plants, as long as they can obtain considerable income, people will be willing to do it. This kind of behavior that damages the elegance is not seen frequently, and the excessive destruction of the ecological environment brings only a steady stream of disasters to human beings. It is worth mentioning that many soils are polluted now. Earthworms are heavy metal enriched organisms. In this way, the heavy metals of wild earthworms may exceed the standard. Human beings should be cautious whether they are used for food or medicine.

“The Qi of all things is endowed with vitality.”. A good ecological environment should be lush vegetation, green mountains and rivers, and prosperous industries; on the contrary, a poor ecological environment, with withered vegetation, dried up rivers, and both small and financial losses, if it is for one’s own benefit to over capture an ecological species and make it endangered, the human being will suffer the greatest loss in the end. Earthworm is the “hero” of soil formation and function maintenance. I hope that human beings will be friendly to it, be responsible for keeping the soil, and not turn this species into an extinct species on earth.

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