Six billion kilometers away, Voyager 1 took a picture, and scientists were silent when they saw it

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Human beings are the only intelligent life on the earth. Before human beings go out of the earth, our understanding of the universe is almost zero. At that time, we may be very proud to say that the earth is a huge planet, and human beings are a great civilization, even the only civilization in the universe.

However, as human beings enter the era of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, they have realized their dream of flying to the sky. After stepping out of the earth, the past pride and cognition have disappeared. When we see the vast universe, we realize that the earth is so small, and human beings are so small. At this time, more people think about the existence of wisdom civilization in the vast universe?

In order to explore and search for alien civilization, scientists launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 in 1977. Their goal is to fly out of the vast solar system and search for the existence of alien civilization. Only when we find the alien civilization can we know that human beings are not the only one in the universe and that human beings are not alone.

With the launch of Voyager 1, Voyager 2 also took off, but the difference between Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 is that Voyager 2’s speed is much slower, mainly because it still needs to explore multiple planets in the solar system, so now Voyager 2 is still flying near the Kuiper belt, while Voyager 1 has crossed the Kuiper belt into interstellar space.

When Voyager 1 was farther and farther away from the earth and reached the position of 6 billion kilometers, scientists suddenly made it take a picture of the starry sky towards the earth, and then sent this precious picture back to the earth. Originally, scientists wanted to see the beauty in the starry sky, but when they saw this picture of the earth, they were silent. Why?

It turns out that in this picture under the vast dark background, we can only see a small white point vaguely. This white point is only seen after zooming in, and this small and incredible white point is our earth, which is the huge and great earth in the eyes of human beings.

When we live on the earth or stand in the orbit of the earth, we will feel how great and beautiful the earth is, but standing in the deep of the distant starry sky, we will find that the earth really can’t even compare with ants, it’s too small. The human beings living on the earth are even smaller, but they are doing a great thing, that is, they hope to shake the Libra of the universe and become the real master of the universe in the future.

Although human beings are small in front of the universe, their scientific and technological power is enormous. What we are doing now is to explore and understand the universe through the continuous development of science and technology. Voyager 1 is to explore alien civilization with the expectation of human beings. Of course, in the past, scientists may have some expectations for Voyager 1 to fly out of the solar system to explore and find alien civilization. But later, with the re identification of the solar system, scientists have little hope for it. Why?

In the past, scientists defined the scope of the solar system by taking the Kuiper belt as the boundary. Crossing out of the Kuiper belt means flying out of the solar system and into extrasolar space. But later, scientists found that the solar system is much larger than we thought. The Oort nebula is the real boundary of the solar system. Only when we pass through the Oort star can we be regarded as walking out of the solar system.

If you include the Oort nebula, the radius of the solar system may have reached one light year. At the speed of Voyager 1, it will take tens of thousands of years to fly out of the solar system. Although it has now entered interstellar space, the interstellar space is still within the solar system. It will be more than 5000 years before it can initially enter the inner edge of the Oort nebula, and then it will be more than 15000 years before it can hope to go out of the solar system.

If you want to really explore and search for extraterrestrial civilization, there is very little possibility to explore and find it in the solar system. Only when you fly out of the solar system can you find something in extrasolar space. However, Voyager will take tens of thousands of years to get out of the solar system. In tens of thousands of years, human science and technology has already achieved several leaps. At that time, human beings may have realized sub light speed flight technology or light speed flight technology. It is very easy to fly out of the solar system.

Therefore, human beings have no hope of relying on Voyager to explore and find alien civilization. It is possible that in the future, when human science and technology go further and the speed of spaceships has greatly improved, they will catch up with Voyager and recycle them. We should know that Voyager has become two unstable security factors based on our current understanding of the universe.

The reason is that they all carry a gold disc, which records the information of life and human beings on the earth, as well as the coordinate information of the earth. If Voyager is captured by alien civilization, it can know the existence of the earth and human beings through the information recorded above. If a good and peace loving alien civilization is OK, but if it is discovered by an evil alien civilization, it may be a disaster for mankind.

Even if there is only a hundred years difference between science and technology, there will be a huge difference in strength. Moreover, if alien civilizations can cross the stars to come to the earth, the gap between the scientific and technological strength of civilizations can be far more than a hundred years, and it may be at least thousands of years. With such a huge gap, human beings have no advantage in the face of alien civilizations, and the powerful weapons we are proud of may be alien The eyes of civilization are just toys.

In reality, it’s impossible for human beings to defeat the powerful interstellar civilization in the movie. Our powerful weapons can’t even break the defense of each other’s warships, let alone defeat the alien civilization. Therefore, Hawking has repeatedly issued a warning: let mankind not try to contact with alien civilization, otherwise it may bring disaster to the earth and mankind.

Today’s scientists have obviously begun to realize this problem. Although we are still exploring the universe and looking for alien civilization, the methods we use have been more conservative. It is likely to expose the earth’s coordinates and be targeted by the extraterrestrial civilization.

Although we have been looking for the alien civilization and are curious about it, if one day, the alien civilization really brings the fleet to the solar system and the earth, it is estimated that none of us will laugh. At that time, we will no longer be curious and excited, but fear and fear.

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