Six methods teach you how to identify whether there is a camera hidden in the hotel. I’ve seen them all

In today’s era of big data, everyone’s privacy may be leaked anytime and anywhere, especially when staying in a hotel. Recently, there are many such cases. When staying in a hotel, we are secretly photographed. How can we check whether a camera is installed? Let’s introduce the following methods:

1. When staying in a hotel or hotel, things are placed neatly, and can be installed in many places, such as air conditioning, lampshade, ceiling, make-up mirror, vase, smoke sensor, vase, socket, ornaments, etc. in particular, we should pay special attention to such places and check them, especially the toilet and bed furnishings. Next, we will talk about the detection tools, right For friends who often travel on business, you can buy a detector dog tool and put it in the trunk. When you stay in a hotel or hotel, you can detect whether there are pinholes or monitoring devices. The principle of detector dog tool is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect, especially the main places such as bedrooms, toilets and so on.

2. The way to use the mobile phone is to turn off all the lights in the room, turn on the mobile phone camera, turn off the flash, and then take the mobile phone around the room, especially in some secret places. Pay attention to the screen of the mobile phone, and see if there are red dots. If there are, there can be pinhole cameras in the room.

3. Turn off the power, turn off all the power in the room. Although the pinhole camera will not stop working, the power consumption of the pinhole camera is very large, so the peeper may use the power in the room, so turn off the total power when sleeping, so it can’t be used.

4. When choosing hotels, it’s better to choose regular chain hotels instead of small hotels or hotels, so as to avoid pinhole cameras to a certain extent.

6. The last breakthrough is the communication outlet. The peeper will collect video, and there will be limited or wireless output. The wireless outlet can be scanned and detected with broadband RF scanning instruments, such as 50mhz-3ghz. Normal home appliances do not have radio transmission or transmission, which means that there is a problem. Some cameras will have local memory cards, so there must be traces of people moving, and the peepers will often appear. This method is rarely used, but it also exists.

Friends also know what methods to identify pinhole camera, many comments, know all the words to more friends around you! thank you!

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