Six scientists in the capsule for a year. What happened? After coming out, I feel like a world away!

Six scientists in the capsule for a year. What happened? After coming out, I feel like a world away!

Every day that human beings live on the earth, they are constantly breaking through themselves, eager to use the power of science and technology to find another habitable earth. With the increase of global population, the problem of resource shortage is becoming more and more serious. If it can not be solved in time, these resources will be consumed one day, and human beings will be eliminated. Therefore, scientists will focus on the stars around the earth, and the main research objects are Mars, moon, Venus and so on.

Is Mars suitable for human migration?

Over the years, the launch of multiple probes has sent back a lot of information, among which Mars is the most similar to the earth’s environment. Can Mars become the second earth for human beings? In order to find the answer urgently, scientists made a bold experiment. A total of six scientists participated in the experiment. They built a sealed cabin at the foot of the volcano. The environment of the sealed cabin was built according to the recent situation of Mars. Six scientists in the capsule for a year. What happened? After coming out, I feel like a world away!

Six scientists made experiments in person

The content of the experiment is very simple. The six scientists lived in a sealed cabin for a whole year to observe how their bodies would change, so as to judge whether human beings could live on Mars. The sealed cabin is a closed environment. As fresh air can not be absorbed, the six scientists must always wear protective clothing, bring plenty of oxygen tanks, and have all the daily necessities ready. Protective clothing is very heavy, long-term wear will have a heavy feeling.

A camera is also installed in the sealed cabin to observe their real-time situation. It can be said that the six scientists have no privacy and are monitored at any time. They want to contact the outside world only by email. At the beginning, the six scientists felt that life was very comfortable. Even if they were here for a year, it was no big deal. A few months later, they felt that their life became more monotonous. They did the same thing every day and faced the same people, which had no meaning.

One year later, the experiment was completely over, and the six scientists finally came out. They had not been exposed to sunlight for a long time. After seeing the sunlight, they felt a little dazzling and numb. They didn’t feel relaxed until they breathed fresh air. According to their description, there is a sense of seclusion. If it goes on, it’s estimated that the whole person will go crazy. Their skin became pale, and even after many people came out, their temper became very grumpy, which had a great impact on their spirit.

From the side of this experiment, we can see that there is a big gap between the environment on Mars and the environment on earth. If we want to survive on Mars for a long time, we will encounter all kinds of problems, such as breathing, food and so on. If these problems cannot be solved, it will be difficult for humans to migrate to Mars. After the experiment, some people asked the six scientists if they would like to experience this kind of life again, and they all said no one after another. It can be seen that this kind of environment is extremely torturous. At present, human beings should cherish the resources on the earth, and don’t regret until they really lose them. What do you think of this experiment? You can leave a message for interaction.

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