Six ways to explain why Chinese women have almost no orgasm, even as high as 90%

Speaking of these adult problems, many people may “talk about sex discoloration”. “The way to a woman’s heart is through the vagina,” Zhang said. But in China, 90% of women have no orgasm. Maybe 90% of women are exaggerating, but at least this really shows that many of our Chinese women have not had orgasm.

What is orgasm? Physiologically, orgasm is mostly accompanied by obvious breast enlargement and redness, involuntary twitch of muscles, and contraction of vagina and anal sphincter at the same time of orgasm for about 6 times, with an interval of about 0.8 seconds. Orgasm is often accompanied by breathing faster, blood pressure, heart rate and sweating physiological phenomenon, to the state of forgetfulness.

Why don’t many women have such a simple orgasm? Xiao Bian summed up several situations, which really shouldn’t be all men’s fault.

1. Received incorrect sex education

As Xiaobian mentioned at the beginning of the article, when it comes to such adult problems, many people will “turn pale when talking about sex”. This is the current situation of sex in China. In our childhood education, such things are shameful, even licentious. For a long time, this idea is deeply rooted in our hearts. It is difficult for us to face up to sex. As a result, many people are unable to release themselves in the process of sex. Under such pressure, no one can reach orgasm.

2. Don’t know your body and your partner’s body

It is said that there are three sensitive zones in men, but the sensitive zones in women are all over the body, even in the soles of feet or hands. So if your sex has been in an embarrassing situation for a long time, you might as well calm down and explore with your partner where your sensitive zone is.

3. There was no timely communication

Even if there was a survey report that 90% of Chinese women did not have an orgasm, many men didn’t know it, because in their eyes, they are all “little experts in sex”, so if they don’t have an orgasm, don’t pretend and tell them. Sex is the best bridge between husband and wife.

4. Foreplay is short

Maybe you don’t know that sex that can satisfy every woman must have enough foreplay, and the standard time is usually about 20 minutes. Such foreplay can relax women’s mind and body, so as to achieve a better state.

5. Mechanical sex

This is probably the most embarrassing sex. Mechanical sex can be divided into many types. For example, if you have sex completely for the sake of sex, such sex will become like a performance, which is skillful in your eyes. Not only can you not relax, but it will increase the pressure. For example, sex is monotonous, just like you like strawberry ice cream, but you will inevitably get tired after eating for a long time. In a word, the biggest feature of this kind of mechanical sex that Xiaobian said is that it doesn’t get distracted, it’s just dealing with it.

6. Insufficient hardware facilities

Of course, it’s a hard injury. The time is too short, or the tools are too thin and too short. It’s difficult for women to achieve a pleasant orgasm. Moreover, the most embarrassing thing is that it’s hard to say such a thing to their partner! What should we do? Xiaobian wants to say, don’t worry, you are already together, we should face up to our own advantages and disadvantages, after all, such things can be solved with the help of tools, it’s no big deal.

In short, love for love. Sex does not necessarily affect marriage, but it is likely to affect feelings. So, face up to or pay attention to sex. After all, it is a simple way to communicate the feelings of husband and wife. If there is no climax, more foreplay.

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