Snowden revealed that the underground world, geocentric people or all over the earth, suspected that the earth is aboriginal

People seem to have an indescribable obsession with other civilizations. It seems that they have to find their existence anyway. Even the legendary stories, we have to go to the bottom. Today, with the progress of science and technology, we really can’t forget the broader universe.

From the very beginning, mankind’s exploration of alien civilization has focused on the vast universe, striving to develop space technology and astronomical telescopes, and even sending earth signals to the universe despite the opposition of many scientists. But so far, there is no accurate answer, so many people think that our direction is wrong.

The earth is the home of human beings. We can say that we haven’t fully understood the earth yet. It’s too anxious to go to the universe to have a look. As for the civilization on the earth, the legend of geocentric people always exists among geocentric people. Human beings are not the only civilization on the earth, let alone the master of the earth. Many legends have mentioned the existence of geocentric people.

A large number of news about geocentric people can be seen everywhere on the Internet. The most famous one is the description of geocentric people in the letherta archives, as well as the Kola ultra deep drilling experiment in Russia: the geocentric people mentioned in letherta archives are the indigenous people on the earth, and the technology is much more advanced than that of human beings, while the Kola ultra deep drilling experiment encountered many supernatural phenomena in the experiment, which seems to be very complicated It implies the existence of geocentric people (those who are interested can search letherta files on the Internet, or browse in my article), and it is Snowden’s revelations that promote the popularity of geocentric people.

According to some articles about Snowden’s disclosure of the existence of geocentric people, there is not only life in the earth, but also highly developed civilization. Moreover, the US government is still trying to get in touch with geocentric people. Although many netizens say that this statement has not received any official response, many netizens claim that there seems to be a lot of problems leading to the interior in every corner of the earth Cave, many people suspect that this is the channel connecting the earth and the earth’s core, but so far has not been clear.

However, the reports about Snowden’s exposure of geocentric people only exist in the articles on the Internet, and Snowden’s exact method about geocentric people has not been found yet. But if it does exist, why don’t they come to live on the surface? It’s really like what’s described in the lesetta archives? Or is the earth a disguised earth, the real earth civilization is actually the inner earth civilization, and human beings are just a bait?

The rumor of geocentric people is widely spread in the world, such as the famous “agalta” underground world, the rumor of gopher people, the rumor of underground corridor, the Daoxi war, lizard people, prehistoric civilization and so on. But according to the existing scientific research, geocentric people can not produce and adapt to the existence of life. If there is life, it must be beyond our cognition.

Rumors about geocentric people have been circulating all the time because science can’t reach the interior of the earth, even the existing science can’t travel around space, and we can’t be sure whether other civilizations exist. As for whether there are geocentric people in the interior of the earth, we have to wait for the answer of science.

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