SOHO satellite took photos, found near the sun spherical “UFO”, diameter of more than 450000 km!

No one has really seen aliens. For human beings, alien life is still far away. In order to find them, scientists have launched many detectors into the universe, hoping to use them to find aliens. The United States has launched a satellite to observe solar activity, which is SOHO satellite. Since the satellite was launched in 1995, tens of thousands of photos have been taken for human beings. Some of these photos have attracted the attention of scientists. It is suspected that there are alien spaceships in the photos. Is this true?

UFO near the sun?

SOHO satellite once photographed such a picture, in the vicinity of the sun appeared a spherical unknown object, this unknown object is like a huge football. Around this unknown object, there is a solar wind. Scientists have analyzed this picture. SOHO satellite is 148 million kilometers away from the sun, so it is difficult for them to determine whether the UFO is in front of or on the side of the sun. After the scientists processed the photo in black and white, they could not judge whether the unknown object would reflect light. But scientists believe that this flying object is likely to be a black ball, which will not reflect light and will not naturally emit light.

What on earth is this spherical unknown? Some people think that this may be the legendary black hole. Naturally, this conclusion has not been supported by scientists. If this unknown object is really a black hole, then no matter how big the star is, it will be included in it. Why does the sun shine so well? According to the calculation of scientists, the diameter of this unknown object should be about half of the diameter of the sun, that is to say, its diameter has exceeded 450000 kilometers.

Alien spaceship?

Many UFO enthusiasts believe that perhaps this spherical unidentified object is an alien spaceship. In the eyes of many scientists, the universe is full of seeds of life. However, due to the existence of civilization level in the universe, the weak scientific and technological power of human beings is unable to find the footprints of aliens. However, aliens can roam freely in the universe, and their scientific and technological level is naturally beyond the reach of human beings. Therefore, it is not impossible to develop a huge spaceship.

This spherical unidentified object has been hovering in the solar system. Maybe in the future, it will appear near the sun. Some people think that the sun is the energy absorption station of alien spacecraft. In addition to this spherical unidentified object, the satellite also photographed many unidentified objects appearing near the sun. Are these unidentified objects really absorbing solar energy?

We can’t solve these problems with our current ability. We can’t beat the temperature of the sun. We can’t get close to the sun at all. How can we study these unidentified objects? I don’t know what you think?

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