Some can eat, some can play, and some can “sing”

There are all kinds of strange things in the world. We often hear or see stones with peculiar shapes and high value. It’s a feast for the eyes to see them from a distance. There are also some more strange stones, which not only open your eyes, but also experience them with all human senses

1. Edible stones.

In Italy, there is a kind of stone that can be made into cake with wheat. Its composition is volcanic marl. It tastes crisp and soft, especially delicious. Is there anyone like me whose taste buds seem to be on the move?

2. A stone that makes a sound.

There is a music stone in the United States. Local people like to come to this stone at night to light a bonfire, and then they will hear wonderful music. It is said that there are innumerable holes in the middle of the stone. Fireworks enter from this hole and discharge from that hole. They can connect different wonderful music.

There is also a kind of loud stone in China. As long as you shake it, it will make a sound, just like a wooden fish. Curious people open the stone, but see that the center is empty.

3. Fragrant stone.

Jinxiangyu is a kind of amber, also known as Xiangpo. It can emit the fragrance of chocolate. If you touch it, it will infect you. It is a rare treasure.

It is said that there is another stone in Guangxi. If people clap it three times, they will have a peculiar fragrance on their hands. Remember, they must clap it three times, and the stone will not respond once or twice!

4. A stone that stinks in a dozen

There is a smelly stone in Sichuan. Just tap it and it will give off a bad smell. It is said that this stone was formed by the body of Chen Zi’ang, a famous poet in the early Tang Dynasty, who was killed in prison after he retired.

5. Ticklish stone.

The two stones in Chongqing are connected in the way of up and down. The stone below also has a small eye. When people press the small eye with their fingers, the stone above will shake gently and make a “cluck” sound, as if they are ticklish and laughing.

6. Pneumatic stone

There is a big stone in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. It looks like a weak woman. When the wind blows, it can be shaken. When people push hard, it can also be shaken. However, this “fragile” stone experienced a magnitude 7.5 earthquake 100 years ago and never collapsed.

Looking at these strange stones, people can not only see, but also taste, listen, smell and even play with them. This is only a small part of the strange stones. Nature has created more interesting stones waiting for you to find.

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