Some people call oxygen a chronic poison. Why? Scientists tell us why!

Some people call oxygen a chronic poison. Why? Scientists tell us why!

There are tens of thousands of life on the earth. If we calculate it carefully, we can’t count it. Each kind of creature has its own living habits and characteristics. They live together on the earth and gradually become one. The reason why it has become so vibrant is that the earth provides not only a suitable environment, but also sufficient sunshine. Rich resources and so on, these are indispensable. If it had not been for the earth to provide these, perhaps the earth would have become extremely barren.

In many creatures, human beings are the most special higher life body, with wisdom and consciousness. The brain is the most complex organ in the body. In the process of survival, it is inseparable from three kinds of resources, namely sunlight, air and water. Water is the source of life. We all know that the human body is full of water. Once there is no water, the function of the body will be destroyed, and the balance and stability will disappear completely. Some people call oxygen a chronic poison. Why? Scientists tell us why!

Not only human beings need water, but other organisms also need irrigation. If there is a shortage of water, the living things on earth will be miserable. Fortunately, the living things on earth are extremely well bred and have not been seriously affected. Another big resource is oxygen. Many people think that oxygen is not important. It can’t be seen or touched, but now every breath we take is oxygen. Without oxygen, all life would be lost.

Before the early days, there were anaerobic organisms on the earth. They were all single cells. Since their continuous evolution, they have been developing in the direction of multi cells. Oxygen has become an indispensable resource. However, some people say that oxygen is a chronic poison. Why on earth? Any living thing needs to absorb oxygen all the time. Maybe it will suffocate after leaving oxygen for a few seconds. If it is a chronic poison, why has there been no sign of human poisoning for so many years? That sounds weird.

In fact, the oxygen on the earth is not as clean as expected. In addition to oxygen, it contains other gases. If the oxygen content of the earth increases, human beings are likely to die because of the oxygen rich environment. I don’t know if you have found that many older people will use antioxidant skin care products to enhance the antioxidant capacity of the skin and slow down aging. Many cells of the human body must be supported by oxygen to produce energy.

Some studies have shown that scientists have found that the limit of life expectancy of each person can reach 120 years. Many people will die when they are 70-80 years old. That is because the catalytic effect of oxygen is causing trouble and makes the human body aging rapidly. They could have lived longer. Because they absorb oxygen every day, their life expectancy is limited. Maybe it is a kind of chronic poison, but everyone must accept this kind of chronic poison. After all, without oxygen, life on earth can’t survive at all. What’s your understanding of oxygen? You can leave a message for interaction.

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