Sometimes, it’s not that there are ghosts in the world, but that people want ghosts in the world

In many suspense films and TV works, we often express that people are afraid of ghosts. From ancient times to the present, legends about ghosts have been heard all over the world. For example, strange tales from a lonely studio, which we are most familiar with, records all kinds of ghost stories. Will ghosts really exist in this world? In fact, most people should be atheist and don’t believe in superstition, but in their heart, they need a kind of unconventional to place their hopes and expectations. Frankly speaking, it’s not that there are ghosts in the world, but that many people just want ghosts in the world.

The picture shows strange stories from a lonely studio

Human beings believe that there are ghosts in the world, most of which are related to supernatural phenomena

In daily life, many people think that the mirror in the bedroom can’t face the bed, once facing the wall, it will affect the health of the host, because the mirror can reflect a lot of things that people can’t see. When sleeping at night, the Yang in the bedroom is weak, and the mirror facing the bed is an ominous sign. In the movie “the sixth sense of the supernatural”, there is a boy who can see ghosts in the school. He has been holding the boy who is troubled by ghosts for a long time and is very afraid of the outside world. After the psychiatrist finds him, he gradually helps him open his heart knot, so that the boy’s fear and fear gradually disappear.

Many people think that there will be ghosts in the world. In fact, they are all illusions. British “times” once reported: “all human imaginary supernatural events, ghost theory, all attributed to natural phenomena. Most people think that some places will be haunted. They all have a common feature, which is caused by the natural environment. For example, if the tap is not turned off at night, it will make a tick sound. This kind of sound is easy to cause fear and illusion. When the night wind continues to blow, the trees on both sides of the road will be blaring, which is easy to make people think that there will be ghosts. ” Generally speaking, the places where people think of ghosts are places where the human brain misunderstands natural phenomena and thinks that there are ghosts in the world.

The picture shows the sixth sense of the supernatural

Human beings are afraid of invisible things and use virtual technology to detect superstition

Can there really be ghosts in the world? A doctor of psychology from the University of Auckland is very interested in this problem. In order to explore whether there is some scientific truth behind this phenomenon, he specially asked the college students with higher education to do the experiment. In the questionnaire, the doctor found a virtual headset and let the participants play the game alone. The main purpose of the experiment is to test the participants The game of college students, whether they can feel the existence of another person in the game, basically participate in the experiment of college students, on average each person will have more than 13 times reported that they found that there are other people in the game, but in fact, in the game, except for themselves, no one in the game.

In the virtual environment of the game, human beings can always easily produce illusions and assumptions. The environment can directly affect the human brain. Many times, people will attach some novel and strange phenomena to something, making it full of mystery. However, there is no thing formed in time and space, and there is no ghost that people call. It is proved that there is no magic in the world There are no ghosts at all. It’s just a psychological hint that humans want ghosts in the world.

Human brain is an electrochemical organ, affected by magnetic field, easy to produce illusion

The ghosts in the world are imagined by human beings. Scientists explain that this is a kind of psychological effect. The space where human beings live is full of electromagnetic waves, and the human brain is an electrochemical organ. When affected by the strong magnetic field, the signal transmitted by the brain is easy to make people have strange illusions. For example, when people hear the terrible sound from the outside world, their emotions will suddenly change It is easy to imagine that there are ghosts in the outside world. This kind of mental disorder illusion signal is a kind of psychological hint. Generally, the more easily people have the illusion that there will be ghosts in the world, the more likely they are to lack a sense of security.

Everyone will place his expectation or hope on something, which often makes people hope that there will be ghosts in the world. This psychological hint is also a spiritual sustenance. Anyway, in modern society, we should abandon feudal ideas and believe in science.

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