Sophia, the robot that once threatened to “destroy mankind”, has passed for several years. What’s the status quo?

The industrial revolution is an important turning point in human history. It is from then on that we have a deep dependence on machines. With the acceleration of industrialization, a variety of intelligent products appear in daily life, we can not do without these convenient products. On the one hand, people are proud of the development of civilization, on the other hand, they are deeply worried. What’s the matter?

Since the beginning of last century, people have made many films related to robots. In these films, we can see that robots are a threat to human life. Some people think that this is just an artistic means in the movie. Robots in the real world will not hurt humans because they are unconscious. But Sophia, the first robot in history to obtain legal citizenship, once threatened to destroy mankind. Why did she say that? Now that several years have passed, what has happened to her?

Is AI a threat?

Since its birth, Sophia has received worldwide attention. Sophia’s shape is very similar to that of human beings, and it can make all kinds of expressions. If you don’t look carefully, it’s hard to imagine that this is a robot. In an interview with reporters, Sophia once claimed that she loved human beings. But in 2016, her designer once asked Sophia if she wanted to destroy humanity, and she did not hesitate to claim that she would destroy humanity. Many people feel worried after hearing her words. Is artificial intelligence really a threat to human beings in the future?

Hansen company in Hong Kong, which makes Sophia, does not think so. They think that the reason why she said such a thing is actually the embodiment of a sense of humor. In fact, Sofia’s language has been set by the designer. What he said is actually the answer made by the designer in advance. So we don’t have to worry about Sophia’s words. After all, they are just cold robots without human brain. Although they have strong learning ability, they are destined not to threaten human beings.

Sophia today

Although Sophia’s growth process is accompanied by controversy, a few years later, she is still in the spotlight. She is not only a robot now, but also has multiple identities. She went to all kinds of variety shows, live shows and Shanghai Fashion week. In 2018, she also became the first robot teacher in the world. It’s amazing that she has such a hot identity. Now Sophia has become a symbol of the intelligent age.

Instead of worrying about whether artificial intelligence will replace us, we should increase our R & D efforts from now on. Only by improving our scientific and technological level can we compete with artificial intelligence in the future, and constantly improve ourselves in learning is the important direction in the future. What do you think of Sofia?

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