South Korea’s first AI female anchor! It can work 24 hours continuously. What will happen to AI in the end?

With the help of artificial intelligence, our life has changed dramatically. Many intelligent products have greatly saved human time and liberated our hands. On November 6, a magic scene happened in the studio of MBN TV station in South Korea. There is a female host in the studio, who is also the first AI anchor in South Korea.

AI female anchor

According to media reports, the archetype of this female anchor is the TV host Jinzhu Xia. Therefore, the name of AI female anchor is also named Jinzhu Xia. As soon as she appeared on the big screen, it caused heated discussion among netizens. After watching the news, many people can’t help feeling that today’s artificial intelligence is more and more powerful, and it can be confused with the real. There are also many people who are puzzled by the use of AI anchors in TV stations. There are so many talented hosts in TV stations, why should they choose cold AI? The TV station said that in fact, they use AI anchor to broadcast news in order to quickly broadcast the real-time situation to the audience in case of an accident. She can work 24 hours continuously and save a lot of time and labor costs.

The birth of AI female anchor

AI anchor can be used to produce new TV programs, which can greatly save human resources. After seeing this, netizens also agreed with the TV station’s practice. In fact, the development of artificial intelligence is for the service of human beings. How was jinzhuxia born? As we said earlier, she has a prototype. The production company recorded the program hosted by jinzhuxia for 10 hours. During the 10 hours, the scientific researchers analyzed her movements, sounds and broadcasting process for a long time. After that, they planted the information into artificial intelligence, and they could broadcast 1000 words in one minute.

After the reporter compiles the news into the broadcast draft, the A.I. anchor can learn and imitate the broadcast tone and tone of jinzhuxia, so as to broadcast the news with the false and the true. Artificial intelligence can not only be used in human daily life, but also plays a vital role in various industries.

Will artificial intelligence replace human beings?

Although the development trend of artificial intelligence is more and more fierce, many scientists still believe that artificial intelligence may become a threat to us in the future. Musk once claimed that the learning ability of artificial intelligence is very powerful. One day, they may attack human beings and replace human beings.

In fact, their worries are justifiable. After all, artificial intelligence can be imitated at will, but they have no life. This means that they have no consciousness. No matter how they learn from human beings, they have no way to have consciousness and thoughts. Therefore, they will not replace human beings. What do you think?

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