South Ocean set off “monster wave”, the height is close to 8 stories high! Netizen: I really want to see it with my own eyes

Not long ago, bad weather in Antarctica caused the largest wave in the southern hemisphere ever claimed by researchers. On the night of last month 9, near Campbell Island, an uninhabited sub Antarctic island in New Zealand, a 23.8-meter wave was detected by weather buoy, which is close to 8 stories high. Netizens jokingly called it “monster wave”. The results exceed the wave height of 19.4 meters recorded in the southern hemisphere in 2017. The buoy, monitored by Metocean solutions, provides researchers with a unique insight into such an incredible storm in Antarctic waters. People used to know very little about this area.

“Southern Ocean” is a unique ocean basin. Although it occupies 22% of the global ocean area, people have studied it least.

Senior oceanographer Dr. Tom Durrant said in a statement, “the continuous and dynamic wind conditions here create great opportunities for wave growth, making the Southern Ocean the engine room for generating expansion waves, which then spread across the planet. In fact, surfers in California can expect the storm’s energy to reach their shores in about a week Interestingly, this wave may not be the largest.

Because the buoy is powered by solar energy, only 20 minutes can be measured every three hours. “It is very likely that the peak value of this storm is actually much higher, and a single wave may exceed 25 meters, because the storm forecast shows a larger wave condition north of the buoy position.” Durrant said. The northern hemisphere usually encounters extreme waves in winter, while the southern hemisphere has frequent storms throughout the year. Metocean currently deploys seven instruments to provide public information aimed at revealing wave physics under extreme conditions in the region. “This is exactly the kind of data we wanted to capture at the beginning of the project,” Dr. Peter McComb, general manager of Metocean solutions, said in a statement.

Some netizens said that although the huge wave was terrible, they had never seen such a huge wave in their life and expressed their great regret. But Xiaobian wants to say: more valuable should be life

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