Space is weightless. What do astronauts eat? Chinese food is enviable!

Space is weightless. What do astronauts eat? Chinese food is enviable!

Everyone has a thirst for knowledge and is inevitably full of curiosity about the unknown. Especially in the vast space, there are too many unsolved mysteries, and everyone wants to uncover the secrets. Since the comprehensive improvement of science and technology, more and more people are no longer satisfied with earth travel, and have put their eyes into space or the ocean. The exploration of space has reached the stage of fanaticism. However, whether space is a place that can slide freely, whether in the environment or other aspects, it is restricted. All along, human beings want to go to space to have a look.

Few people have the ability to go to space except astronauts. Astronaut is a great profession. When you were still in primary school, the teacher asked you what your dream was. Many people would say that to be an astronaut is still a very dangerous profession. It is not as simple as we thought. Any astronaut has to go through special physical training, during which he has to pay too much effort. Space is weightless. What do astronauts eat? Chinese food is enviable!

As we all know, there is no oxygen in space. As soon as we enter space, people will lose their gravity and float in the sky all the time. It’s a huge challenge for astronauts. Moreover, everything in space is unknown, and it’s hard to guarantee that astronauts won’t be in any danger to their lives. Many people have been puzzled about how to maintain their lives if they are hungry during their time in space?

Space is a weightless environment. Human beings can’t control their bodies at all. Many unfixed objects are floating all the time. The environment of space is quite different from that of the earth. It is impossible to eat in space directly. So many astronauts often eat canned food, fast food and other food. The eating habits of each country are quite different, so the food they eat in space is totally different.

Because Japan is close to the sea, it has rich marine resources, so most of the food is seafood, most of them are canned fish, and Americans have different eating habits, they mainly eat bread and milk, so most of them are fast food. China’s eating habits have always been different from those of the United States and Japan. Chinese people eat plain food, mostly white rice or fried vegetables. However, the space environment is quite special, and they are not allowed to eat like this at all. So NASA will prepare all kinds of compressed food for them. There are many kinds of compressed food, and there are essential nutrients. All tastes are based on the taste of Chinese people It comes with eating habits.

Due to the limitation of space environment, astronauts can not eat some hot food, but these compressed foods are also very rich. I have to admit that our country still attaches great importance to the space industry. Every astronaut is a hero and his contribution to our country deserves everyone’s respect. What do you think of the food that astronauts eat in space? You can leave a message for interaction.

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