Space migration in 2023? SpaceX starship challenge 18 km altitude, will you make a reservation?

Since 2020, when it comes to the aerospace industry, we have to mention space X. Musk has always been fond of Mars and has a great yearning for the universe. In 2020, it will open up a reputation for his space X company. He once claimed that future human beings can enter the universe by relying on starships, which can carry 100 people to Mars and realize space migration. Is this idea really feasible? How long will it take for human beings to realize space migration?

SpaceX “starship”

According to the current situation, the Starship created by musk has reached a height of 50 meters, is huge and has plenty of space. It is worth mentioning that these starships can be reused, which will be a milestone in the history of aerospace and greatly reduce the cost of rocket research and development. We can imagine that if this technology is really promoted, we can go in and out of space freely just like flying in an airplane. It’s very beautiful to think about it. In fact, if the Starship wants to be put into use, it will face many difficulties. Because of its huge size, the test process is very slow, and it has experienced many failures. Space X company said that the SN8 they developed will complete the flight test of 18000 meters in a week.

Before SN8, they had launched SN5 and SN6. It can be said that there is a big gap between SN8 and them. Although SN5 and SN6 were quite shocking when they were launched, the effect was far from what scientists expected. If the flight test of SN8 is carried out at 18000m, the effect will be different. Many people are full of hope for this experiment. If SN8 can be successfully launched, it means that human beings can achieve space migration with the help of star ships.

Space migration in 2023?

After hearing the word “starship”, many people feel very sci-fi, especially a large number of sci-fi fans. Many high-tech companies have also reserved seats, and a rich Japanese businessman has also reserved one. This is not only a great affirmation for musk, but also a large sum of research funds. According to Musk’s plan, if SN8 can be successfully tested, it will be successfully launched in 2023 to realize space migration.

Space migration is still very far away from us. The space environment is unknown and dangerous. If we can travel in space, the first thing we have to overcome is the problems of power and oxygen. There are still strong cosmic rays in space. If we can’t take adequate protective measures, there is only one end to entering the universe.

I don’t know if you are envious when you see Musk’s starship? Do you think his space migration plan is feasible? Would you reserve a seat?

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