Space time countercurrent discovered in NASA’s Antarctic experiment? Evidence for the existence of a suspected parallel universe

In Einstein’s view, the big bang 13.8 billion years ago produced the same amount of matter and antimatter, but where is antimatter? Until neutrinos were discovered.

Neutrinos are the most common material particles in the universe, and one of the most basic particles in nature. Neutrinos contain rich cosmic information. They are small, uncharged, low energy, and almost zero mass. They can travel around the earth freely, move at the speed of light, and interact with other materials very weakly. Therefore, they are also known as “invisible man in the universe.” .

Previously, NASA scientists did experiments in Antarctica and found that there are many high-energy particles in the universe constantly shooting at the earth. Antarctica has a vast land of 13.9 million square kilometers, with about 72% of the earth’s fresh water resources, which contains many secrets of the earth.

The reason why scientists do experiments in Antarctica is that Antarctica is more mysterious, and the other is that there is no human trace in Antarctica, with less interference and more accurate and reliable experimental data.

Recently, NASA in the Antarctic cosmic ray detection experiment, through a giant balloon equipped with the detector Anita to detect cosmic high-energy particles, the pulse transient antenna is suspended high above the polar.

Previously, particle detection found that high-energy neutrinos can only come down from space. However, the neutrino particles detected in this experiment are upward from the earth.

This means that the only way that neutrinos can behave like this is that high-energy particles become another type of low-energy particles before crossing the earth, and then go back to become high-energy particles.

In other words, the big bang may have formed two universes, including the one I live in, and the other is a time retrospective universe, also known as “parallel universe”.

Parallel universe is just opposite to the universe we live in. It is a mirror world. We are a material world, and it may be an antimatter world.

In a word, our Taiji Bagua diagram, yin and Yang, is just the mirror relationship.

Xiao Bian believes that this discovery by NASA in Antarctica is likely to be evidence of the existence of parallel universe. Although this evidence is still very insufficient, it gives us great hope.

Xiaobian is looking forward to scientists’ breakthrough in future research, finding more evidence of the existence of parallel universe, and opening the door to explore parallel universe. After all, scientific discoveries are made through trial and error.

Do you have any other ideas about this NASA Discovery? Welcome to comment area.

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