Space walk may be realized in 2023! Will space travel become a popular program in the next 20 years

In front of you, I introduced to you four ways to realize space travel: parabolic flight, high altitude flight, suborbital flight and orbital flight(

How to realize space travel? Here are four ways to travel in space. Hold your chin and learn about it


Now let’s see if space travel can be a popular tourism project in the next 20 years?

According to the Russian satellite network, the Russian Representative Office of space adventures told the satellite news agency that the first space tourist who is expected to take a spacewalk will probably stay outside the international space station for 90-100 minutes.

What exciting news it is! Three years later, in 2023, the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) plans to send two paid tourists to the international space station and take the Soyuz spacecraft on a short-term space trip.

Soyuz is a manned spacecraft designed by the former Soviet Union. It first flew in 1960. It has the longest service time, the highest launch frequency and the most reliable manned spacecraft in the world. Now Soyuz has become the only means of transportation for astronauts to and from the international space station.

Compared with the four ways mentioned before, this space trip is more desirable.

When the two space passengers arrive at the international space station, they can get out of the cabin for 90-100 minutes and have an intuitive and comprehensive view of the earth, because the time for the international space station to rotate around the earth is one and a half hours. In addition, one of the space travelers will have the opportunity to take a spacewalk with senior Russian astronauts. This kind of scene that only appears in the movie is about to be realized!

Spacewalk is a very exciting thing to think about. However, it is definitely not a simple and easy process, because before the operation, there must be a lot of training on the ground, and this training process is certainly very difficult. However, Xiaobian thinks that the two lucky passengers have the will to stick to it.

So far, only seven tourists have been to space. The first space passenger was Dennis Tito, a wealthy American. He traveled in space on a Russian carrier rocket. Of course, the trip cost him 20 million dollars. In this way, this kind of travel project is by no means affordable to ordinary people.

However, Xiaobian believes that in a few years, with the continuous improvement and refinement of human science and technology, it will become a mature project in less than 20 years. It can carry more tourists at one time like an airplane, with a high safety factor. More importantly, it can become a mass tourism project, and it can go to space with a little money.

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