Special issue of Ghost Festival: if your dog barks at the air tonight

Do you remember a saying that children’s eyes are very pure and can see unclean things that people can’t see.

It’s similar to cats, or dogs.

In fact, there are a lot of dogs in this situation. To tell you the truth, Xiaobian’s dog is very guilty.

But in fact, from a scientific point of view, dogs are sensitive animals, it can detect very small micro people can not detect the smell, sound and so on.


In terms of smell:

The olfactory sensitivity of dogs is 1 million times that of humans. What’s the concept? That is to say, for the same two glasses of water, one with a little salt and the other without salt, dogs only need to smell to know the result.

In terms of hearing:

Dogs don’t have auditory language area, but they can get the meaning we want to express from the intonation, loudness and tone of our speech. That’s why we feel that dogs can understand us. People’s hearing ranges from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz, while dogs’ hearing ranges from 150000 Hz to 50000 Hz, so there are a lot of sounds that dogs can hear, but we can hear.


In other words, an ant suddenly appears in the distance, and even a nasty microorganism appears at the foot, which can cause the dog to call the police.

Therefore, the world of dogs and the world we know are not the same world at all.

So, when a person is at home, the dog suddenly yells, don’t be afraid. Don’t look for the reason, because with your hearing and smell, you can’t find it.

[this article was published by Jiujian on September 5, 2017]


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