Sperm struggle history: the fastest one is not as lucky as the best one

We often see in the passage that “my son makes his wife angry, and his wife is beating his son hard. When I go to stop him, my wife yells:” this is the elite of the elite soldiers who stayed behind to guard the castle after you led thousands of elite soldiers to conquer the city I have been holding for many years? “. In fact, the ability of sperm to combine with egg does not only depend on the speed and power of sperm.


At the beginning of the war, sperm with semen into the vagina will immediately kill many brothers, and the surviving brothers need to follow the cervical mucus layer to enter the uterine cavity, at this time, the living brother is less than one thousand at the beginning. Then there was a long march. When the army finally entered the fallopian tube, it was found that not everyone could see the true face of the egg.

As we all know, there are two fallopian tubes in women. Because of the special way of ovulation, each egg can only wait for sperm in one fallopian tube. However, after tens of millions of sperm pass through the reproductive tract safely, not every sperm can find the fallopian tube where the egg is located. Therefore, a considerable number of sperm can not find the location of the egg at all, and can only locate in the fallopian tube A glorious death on earth.


After a series of explorations, they finally meet the egg they are longing for, but there is a final hurdle in front of them.


When the sperm army “forces down the city”, it was found that the egg also has a strong “city gate”, namely the corona and zona pellucida. At this time, the sperm will secrete acrosin in the head, which is used to deal with the final defense of the egg, and finally break a channel, but there will be only one winner who can win the beauty.

He is not the fastest runner or the bravest. He paved the way for his success after his brothers killed the enemy and died bravely. The dissolved corona radiata and zona pellucida will only produce a single channel, and the sperm and egg will repel all other sperm after meeting, and one person will enjoy the fruits of victory.


It has to be said that luck is also a kind of strength.


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