Split personality is more likely to appear in this group of people, but their ability is stronger than ordinary people

We often see many suspense stories about split personality in film and television works. Everyone with split personality is shocked and scared. What we usually call split personality is that there are different “souls” living in a person’s body at the same time, and each soul has different thoughts. In different situations, these souls will take turns to control their own body, and each soul thinks that they are the only existence.

The main causes of personality split


We have all heard the saying “lucky people use childhood to cure their life, while unfortunate people use their life to cure their childhood”. It can be seen that childhood plays a very important role in people’s life. And personality split is because childhood experienced too many unbearable things, planted seeds in childhood, to adolescence, in the catalysis of other things, gradually formed another personality. And this process is silent, and they will not be aware of the existence of another personality. However, with the accumulation of time, “schizophrenics” may have memory disorder or fuzzy phenomenon.

However, what we are going to talk about today is not the personality split caused by disease, but another slight “personality split”, which mainly occurs in multilingual people.

There is an important theory about the relationship among language, culture and thinking, which is called “wolf hypothesis”. What it describes is that in different cultures, different languages have different structures, meanings and ways of use, and this difference will affect the way of thinking of users to a great extent.


For example, different grammatical structures will force the speaker to rethink how to emphasize certain statements in his brain, so if he wants to speak a foreign language well, he needs to understand and practice the foreign language speaker’s way of expression and thinking characteristics.

Secondly, in addition to the way of thinking, each language has its own personality in other aspects, such as pronunciation and rhythm, but this is a style accumulated over time. We can’t help but use language to interpret the personalities and customs of the people we meet. When learning and using a foreign language for a long time, subtle changes will take place in one’s personality.


Psychologists have studied this and found that when people speak different languages, they often seem to change their personalities. Strictly speaking, in a short period of time, it is not the real personality that has changed. In fact, it is the different profiles of personality, the feelings and ideas revealed in different cultural contexts are slightly different.

Some people’s personality will show restraint and hide in a cultural context. In the case of encouragement or curse, it will show a specific personality. In the long run, people’s personality traits do have some different changes.

Split personality is everywhere


In fact, these are not difficult to understand, just like people in different social occasions, in the process of interpersonal communication, the part presented and revealed are slightly different from their own. On the whole, split personality is ubiquitous. With the current human understanding of the mind of their brain, it can be said that no one can well complete the integration of their psychological world.

In fact, each of us has some emotions or impulses that we can’t accept and manage. These impulses that we can’t accept are the basis of “split personality”. Once we are in a different environment, we will show a different side.


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