Spring is the high incidence period of this disease, and April is the most popular period

With the arrival of spring, all things are revived, and various infectious diseases are quietly coming. The first one to bear the brunt is children’s infectious diseases. A war to protect children is beginning!

When a family daughter-in-law fights with an old woman, it’s not necessarily the traditional mother-in-law daughter-in-law fight. Maybe the child is sick! Children are very important to the family. As a small vulnerable group, children are very vulnerable to the invasion of the outside world, especially infectious diseases. The most common disease in spring is hand foot mouth disease.

Hand foot mouth disease in China presents the characteristics of high incidence, and this year is the peak, and now April has entered the epidemic period. The incubation period is generally 2-7 days. The initial symptoms are very similar to cold, such as fever, cough, runny nose, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. if your baby has a variety of these conditions, you should pay attention to them. In 1-2 days, rice sized blisters and rashes appear in the hands, feet, mouth cavity, pharynx, soft palate and other parts, and some even in the buttocks and anus Near.


So at this time there is a high infectious, if children accidentally touch the affected area of the sick children, it is basically inevitable, so sick children should rest at home, do not go to crowded places, to avoid meeting other children, causing cross infection.


In the face of such a lovely child suffering from the impact of illness, Xiaobian felt very uncomfortable. Do Baoma know how HFMD is transmitted? It’s spread by something the virus has come into contact with. Such as toys, towels, tableware, underwear and so on, children’s throat secretions and saliva virus spread through the air. That is to say, in the peak period of HFMD, people should avoid crowded places, such as amusement parks, stations, scenic spots, etc., and adults must wash their hands after coming back from the outside to avoid bringing bacteria to the baby.

So, as the main force to protect children, how to prevent it? In fact, the most important point is to wash hands frequently. Whether it is adults or children, they must wash hands frequently, and then prepare a piece of “soap” at home. Children’s clothes should be exposed to the sun every day and sterilized by sunlight. Don’t eat outside food, all children’s entrance things try to choose at home, toys can be disinfected and then give to children. Finally, the most important thing is that parents should be calm. After all, parents are the spiritual support of children


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