Standing at the boundary of the universe, what can you see? Scientists offer three possible answers

When human beings walk out of the universe through the rapid development of science and technology, they really realize the vastness of the universe and the smallness of the earth. And human beings are insignificant in front of the universe. The vastness and mystery of the universe have inspired human exploration enthusiasm and vowed to understand the ultimate mystery of the universe.

There are two things that human beings are most interested in the universe. One is whether there is an alien civilization in the universe. The other is whether there is a boundary in the universe and what is the situation outside the universe? As for the origin of the universe, modern science believes that the universe originated from the big bang of singularity. About 13.8 billion years ago, a singularity appeared, and then the singularity exploded, a large number of substances erupted, forming all kinds of celestial bodies and other substances, and the universe was born.

After the big bang, the universe has been expanding at superluminal speed. No one knows how big the universe is and where the boundary of the universe is. Some people once thought that the universe has no boundary, but with more and more scientists’ understanding of the universe and the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more scientists believe that the universe has boundary. If there is a boundary in the universe, what can we see standing at the boundary? Scientists have come up with three possible answers.

The first answer is that scientists believe that there is a larger universe outside the universe. We can imagine the universe as a multi-layer space, one layer wrapped by another. I don’t know how many layers there are. Our universe is just one layer of space among countless layers. There is a smaller universe in the inner layer of our universe, and there is another larger universe outside our universe. Therefore, when we stand at the boundary of the universe, we can see that there are countless galaxies and stars outside the universe.

The second answer is that scientists believe that there is a channel between the universe and the universe, that is to say, the universe and the universe are connected together. We can imagine that many spheres are connected together with ropes. When we stand at the boundary of the universe, we can see this channel. We can only reach another universe through this channel.

The third answer is that scientists believe that the universe is pluralistic, and there is a broader space outside our universe. There are countless universes in this space. The universe is big and small, and its birth time is different. Some universes are very old, some universes are just born, and of course some universes are heading for destruction.

Pluralistic cosmology is also a theory most recognized by scientists at present. We can call the space outside the universe chaotic universe. There are countless universes in the chaotic universe. These universes are just like planets. They have mutual gravitation and distance. If you want to go from one universe to another, you need to go out of your own universe first.

The way to get out of the universe is not to go to the boundary of the universe, but to need a special channel. This channel may be black holes. We all know that there are many black holes in the universe, which have strong attraction. As long as any star or matter is close to the black hole, it will be swallowed by it. Scientists know very little about black holes, and there is no final conclusion on where the material that has been swallowed has gone.

Some scientists suggest that a black hole may be a channel, and the other side of it is a white hole. The black hole devours matter and then ejects from the white hole. The black hole is the channel into the chaotic universe. The spaceship enters from the black hole, and then comes out from the white hole. The white hole connects the chaotic universe, which is the huge space for the existence of each universe.

When we come out of the white hole, we can see a broader, more mysterious universe that shakes people. We can also see galaxies, nebulae and planets in the chaotic universe, but this planet is not a planet in our universe, but a universe. Just like the planets in our universe, they are suspended in the chaotic universe and moving around a larger star.

Therefore, we can imagine the chaotic universe as a universe magnified by countless times, in which the universe becomes a planet, and each planet contains countless galaxies and stars. If the conclusion of the multiverse is true, the origin of the universe and the origin of the singularity will be better understood, and more mysteries of the universe can be uncovered.

For our universe, scientists believe that it originated from the big bang singularity, but there is another question: where did the singularity come from? No matter can appear and disappear out of thin air, it must have its source. In the eyes of scientists, the singularity is a matter with infinite density and infinitesimal volume. Although it is small, it contains the matter needed by a universe. After the big bang, all the matter will be released and the universe will be formed.

In this way, we can make two kinds of explanations for the singularity. One is that the singularity is formed after the death of the universe. We know that life and death is the cycle of fate. Everything in the world has the cycle of life and death, so do planets and galaxies. When a star reaches its destination, it will also change dramatically, either into a white dwarf, or into a neutron star, or possibly into a black hole.

The universe naturally has life and death. After the big bang of singularity, the universe began to expand outward, but the expansion was not infinite, but limited. When the universe expanded to the limit, it began to contract inward, and finally contracted into a singularity. Then wait for an opportunity, the singularity will explode again, and a new universe will be born, which is the life and death cycle of the universe.

This is an explanation of the origin of singularity. There is another origin of singularity, which is the creation of super civilization in the universe. We all know that there is an alien civilization in the universe, so where is the limit of the development of a civilization? I believe no one knows. After hundreds of years of human development, science and technology have stepped out of the earth and created many things that are incredible to the ancients. This is the power of science and technology.

So where is the end of science? Some people say that the end of science is theology. This view is not without certain truth. When human technology develops for another 100 million years, one billion years or 10 billion years, how strong will human beings be? Believe is beyond our imagination, at that time whether human beings have the ability to create the universe? The answer is also possible. The power of science and technology is infinite. When it develops to a certain extent, it is possible to destroy a universe, so it is not impossible to create a universe.

Human science and technology have only developed for hundreds of years, and human civilization has only been 10000 years since Neolithic age. Will there be any advanced civilization in the universe that has developed for hundreds of millions, billions, tens of billions of years? If the multiverse theory is correct, there may be a very old universe in the chaotic universe outside the universe, which may have been born for tens of billions of years, hundreds of billions of years or even longer.

Well, these advanced civilizations in the ancient universe may have developed for more than tens of billions of years. Such civilizations may have the ability to create the universe. For us, maybe only God can create the universe, but for us, what is the difference between a civilization billions of years or tens of billions of years advanced than human beings and God. The gap between civilizations may be far more difficult to understand than we think.

These are three possible explanations outside the universe. What do you think of them? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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