Star visitors are back! It’s approaching the sun, and its identity is confusing

According to foreign media reports, recently some amateur astronomers have found a mysterious object outside the solar system, and its motion direction is moving towards the solar system. Scientists have confirmed that it is indeed an “interstellar tourist” and looks very much like a spaceship. Is it really a spaceship?

In the history of exploring the universe in the past, whenever a mysterious object appeared in space, human beings would associate it with alien civilization. Among these mysterious objects, the first one discovered in human history is “Aoning”. It is understood that some astronomers discovered its existence in the early last century, but the detection level at that time was not high enough, so it is impossible to further understand what it is. However, with the continuous progress of human astronomical detection technology, Aoning has disappeared in the human field of vision again, so it has become a difficult problem in the astronomical field.

In addition to the mysterious objects outside the solar system, another astronomer recently discovered a second mysterious object outside the solar system. This mysterious object is called “C / 2019q4”, and Borisov is its discoverer. For the first time, the appearance of C / 2019q4 has attracted the attention of many scientists. Among these people, many scientific research teams and laboratories have invested a lot of human and material resources to track and observe C / 2019q4. Fortunately, their efforts have not been in vain.

Scientists used the Gemini North telescope to track C / 2019q4 in Hawaii for a long time, and finally found it on the evening of September 9 with spectroscopic instruments. Unlike previous interstellar tourists, C / 2019q4 seems to be heading towards the solar system, and has scientists take photos of it from the front. Since scientists first proposed the discovery of C / 2019q4, many speculations about alien civilization have been embedded in this mysterious object, which is similar to the silent fate of Olmert.

In fact, the speculation about it is not groundless, because from the images taken, C / 2019q4 is indeed like a spaceship, but the difference is that it has a very obvious “tail”. After that, experts thought it was just a comet, but many people still thought it was more likely to be an alien. When scientists began to explore it, its true face gradually surfaced, it turned out to be a comet from outside the solar system.

Then why does it drag a long tail? Scientists explain that most comets in the solar system have a tail because they keep releasing gas as they move. But the tail design of C / 2019q4 is not because it releases gas, but because it contains a lot of volatile substances. This phenomenon makes many scientists feel incredible, because there has never been such a planet in previous studies, so the study of it will help to study extrasolar objects.

In addition, relevant sources revealed that the comet will reach a distance of about 1.8 astronomical units from the earth by the end of December this year, which also means that it will have higher brightness. It is suggested that when it approaches, a launch vehicle can be developed to send another space telescope into space to photograph it. However, experts believe that this idea is not realistic, because there are few countries that can build launch vehicles and space telescopes in just three months, which reflects from one side that human beings still have huge space for development in space technology.

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